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[rwsn] RWSN Forum Kerstin Danert 7/25/16
Pls add my mail id babu K.Y. 7/25/16
[rwsn] RWSN & UPGro at Africa Water Week: WASH Sector Learning and Joint Sector Review sessions // RWSN & UPGro à la Semaine africaine de l'eau Sean Furey 7/15/16
[rwsn] 7th RWSN Forum - Early Bird Rate Update // tarif réduit pour l'inscription Sean Furey 7/11/16
[rwsn] RWSN Discussion – Groundwater Regulation/La réglementation des eaux souterraines 27 Jun/juin - 17 Jul/jul Kerstin Danert 6/15/16
EPS manager in Myanmar Mélissa Adoum 6/8/16
Oxfam Consultancy: Formative Research in Myanmar Eva Niederberger 5/26/16
Operational research on MHM Kits for Emergencies - Case study from Bwagiriza refguee camp, Burundi, 2013 Raissa Azzalini 5/25/16
[rwsn] Loss of a dear friend, colleague and RWSN Chair - Ton Schouten Kerstin Danert 5/24/16
Household Assets and Hygiene Item Expenditures during Emergencies Monica Ramos 5/10/16
[rwsn] {Important Forum Update} Deadline for submissions extended until 6th May / Date finale pour la soumission des contributions étendue jusqu'au 6 mai Sean Furey 4/26/16
[rwsn] RWSN Quarterly Update: April 2016 Sean Furey 4/18/16
MHM IEC/C4D and participatory analysis tools...anyone? Raissa Azzalini 4/10/16
[rwsn] Mapping & Monitoring e-discussion on country-led monitoring of rural water services Sean Furey 4/9/16
[rwsn] [RWSN Forum] Submitting your contributions for the RWSN Forum/ Comment soumettre vos contributions au Forum RWSN Meleesa Naughton 4/7/16
Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies Newsletter Suzanne 4/5/16
[rwsn] {ANNOUNCEMENT} Writing for Water - a RWSN/UNDP CapNet online course Sean Furey 3/31/16
[rwsn] World Water Day - Make a difference - share your experience! Partagez votre experience ! Sean Furey 3/22/16
[rwsn] Global evaluation of UNICEF's Drinking Water Supply Programming in Rural Areas and Small Towns Sean Furey 3/11/16
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