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Hyrax - Solr and Fedora out of sync J Kim 9:20 AM
Sufia 7.3.1 released Mike Giarlo 4/26/17
Help test the Sufia 7.3.0 to Hyrax upgrade path Mike Giarlo 4/26/17
ingesting problem Schöner, Oliver 4/26/17
Call for Developer Documentation Working Group Jennifer Lindner 4/25/17
questions about admin set behavior in Hyrax v1.0.0.rc1 Linda Newman 4/24/17
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group agenda 2017-04-25 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 4/22/17
Hydrax - files uploaded but not connected to works ghill 4/21/17
Hyrax - Creating relationships between work types J Kim 4/20/17
[CFP] Data Mapper Working Group (Valkyrie) Trey Pendragon 4/20/17
Proposal: promote questioning_authority (QA) gem from labs Mike Giarlo 4/19/17
'Newspapers in Hydra' receives IMLS funding! English, Eben 4/19/17
[Cdm-Migrate] CFP for Hydra CONTENTdm Migration Working Group Benjamin 4/18/17
User Experience Interest Group meeting tomorrow 2pm Eastern Jenn C 4/17/17
High Level Hyrax Documentation - Admin Sets, Workflow, etc. Steven I Van Tuyl 4/17/17
Hyrax Workflows - Getting started J Kim 4/14/17
Proposal to release Curation Concerns v2.0.0 Anna Headley 4/13/17
[metadata ig] HMIG demo - JSON-LD datastream export, Friday April 28th, 1-2pm Eastern Ruth Tillman 4/13/17
Hydra NE Regional Meeting -- May 22 at Northeastern University Eben English 4/12/17
Applied Linked Data IG call Monday 4/17 at Noon Pacific / 3 Eastern Anna Headley 4/12/17
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