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Fwd: PCDM working group charter Stefano Cossu 7:45 AM
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-08-24 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 8/26/16
Hydra Connect 2016 - Posters and other important updates Richard Green 8/26/16
Using a Redis instance with password protection Dave Goldstein 8/25/16
[Newspapers IG] Announcing the Hydra Newspapers Interest Group! Eben English 8/25/16
Restfull API used for sufia content administration Dave Goldstein 8/25/16
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group notes 2016-08-23 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 8/24/16
Panelists sought for Fedora 3 to Fedora 4 Migration Panel at Hydra Connect Jim Coble 8/23/16
Hydra-in-a-Box demo (August 19th) Mike Giarlo 8/22/16
Job Openings at Duke University Libraries Jim Coble 8/22/16
DSpace/Hydra IG - Thursday 8/25 - 9am (PST)/12pm (EST) Aaron Collier 8/22/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group agenda 2016-08-24 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 8/22/16
Hydra:AccessControl resources Kevin Ford 8/22/16
Hydra Connect 2016: Program details released! Richard Green 8/19/16
Reversing Collection Membership Esmé Cowles 8/18/16
Spotlight on Spotlight at Yale - presentation recording is now available Tracy MacMath 8/18/16
adding new fields to record show page in curation concerns 1.0.0 Peri 8/18/16
(Re-)defining PCDM FileSets in Curation Concerns? Stefano Cossu 8/16/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-08-10 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 8/16/16
Using custom FileSets with Curation Concerns Julie Allinson 8/16/16
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