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(Re-)defining PCDM FileSets in Curation Concerns? Stefano Cossu 7/25/16
Amazon Web Services Michael Friscia 7/25/16
Objects With Many Links to Repository Objects Esmé Cowles 7/25/16
AJAX for partial page replacement Adam Wead 7/22/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-07-13 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 7/22/16
agent not getting set when using group permissions (HydraAccessControls and Sufia) Tim Worrall 7/22/16
Hydra Project: call for funding for 2016! Tom Cramer 7/22/16
Job posting: Web developer WGBH - Boston, MA WGBH Archives 7/22/16
[Solicitation of Interest] DSpace/Hydra IG. Aaron Collier 7/21/16
Update on GeoBlacklight community sprint Jack Reed 7/21/16
[UXIG] Monthly call tomorrow, July 19, 4pm ET Sonya Betz 7/18/16
Developer Sprint At Penn State - Sept 19-23, 2016 - Limited Size with Targeted Deliverables Karen Estlund 7/18/16
views paths in curation concerns Adam Wead 7/18/16
Hydra + Newspapers development: community interest? Eben English 7/15/16
infinispan errors and adding large amounts to Object.members John Cline 7/14/16
ebucore:hasRelatedImage and ebucore:hasRelatedMediaFragment Stefano Cossu 7/14/16
Second Call for Panels, Workshops, Tutorials of TPDL2016 (Submission deadline: February 23, 2016) Nattiya Kanhabua 7/14/16
Hydra Virtual Connect survey reminder Jon Dunn 7/14/16
Hydra-in-a-Box development: progress and how to get involved! Mike Giarlo 7/13/16
Hydra Connect Scholarship application deadline extended to July 20th Nabeela Jaffer 7/13/16
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