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Questioning Authority problem Julie Allinson 5/23/15
Scientific notation PHILLIPS M.E. 5/22/15
[metadata wg] Structural Metadata Subgroup call for additional participation Karen Estlund 5/21/15
[metadata wg] Notes from Hydra Metadata WG 5/20 Karen Estlund 5/21/15
Notes from Tech Call - 20-May-2015 Thomas Scherz 5/21/15
RDF URI for doi Tingting Jiang 5/20/15
Human-readable filesystems in Fedora 4 Michael J. Giarlo 5/19/15
Sufia PCDM Sprint Report psugirlinpa 5/19/15
Filesystem federation Stuart Kenny 5/19/15
Hydra 9 - Attaching external files to AF objects Ronan McHugh 5/19/15
ActiveFedora 8.1.0 released David Chandek-Stark 5/18/15
Trying to build nested attributes fields in Sufia PHILLIPS M.E. 5/18/15
Qualified relations / n-ary relations Anna Headley 5/18/15
Survey last call Padraic Stack 5/18/15
[Hydra Page Turner Interest Group] Current modelling practices for page turning Richard Green 5/18/15
[metadata wg] Applied Linked Data 2015-04-29 Meeting Notes Available Steven Anderson 5/15/15
WebACL authorization delegate? Stefano Cossu 5/15/15
Code club? Anna Headley 5/15/15
Adding a metadata field in Sufia Anna Headley 5/14/15
Any Spanish speaking Hydra workshop leaders out there? Bess Sadler 5/13/15
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