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[metadata wg] MODS to Linked Data RDF Notes, Next Meeting, and Homework. Steven Anderson 1:22 PM
PCDM ordered_members performance Olli Lyytinen 8:05 AM
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group agenda 2017-01-24 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 1/19/17
Hydra 11 and Updated Dive Into Hydra tutorial Bess Sadler 1/19/17
Invitation to LDCX (March 27-29) and Hydra Developer Congress (March 30-31) at Stanford University Mark A. Matienzo 1/19/17
[Applied Linked Data] Meeting data change: Steven Anderson 1/18/17
[Sufia/Hyrax] Files organized in folders? Nabeela Jaffer 1/18/17
Two Developer Positions at Temple Libraires Chad B Nelson 1/17/17
[UXIG] Call today, 2pm MT/4pm ET Sonya Betz 1/17/17
Jetty for (Fedora) Production? P. Kieran Etienne 1/16/17
[geospatial] How to record scale for a map in RDF? Bess Sadler 1/16/17
Canceled: Julie Allinson 1/13/17
Julie Allinson 1/13/17
Fedora performance - scale meeting (01/16/2017 11AM EST) Yinlin Chen 1/13/17
PCDM FileSets meeting Stefano Cossu 1/12/17
Versioning Files in Sufia Works Dean Farrell 1/12/17
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group notes 2017-01-10 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 1/12/17
Sufia Batch Upload Errors Dean Farrell 1/12/17
Re: [hydra-tech] Meeting Time for Display Sets Working Group E Lynette Rayle 1/10/17
Request for (More) Feedback: Hydra Plugins Guidelines Jenn C 1/10/17
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