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Question about my issues with sufia 7.1.0 Huawei Weng 3:46 PM
PCDM FileSets WG dinner at HydraConnect Stefano Cossu 3:28 PM
METS Editorial Board -- Deadline Extended Betsy Post 1:45 PM
Hydra Connect Volunteers Steven Anderson 12:00 PM
Solr Extract service was unsuccessful in Curation_Concerns Peri 8:02 AM
Reversing Collection Membership Esmé Cowles 9/28/16
Fedora 4.7.0 Release Candidate - 1 Jared Whiklo 9/26/16
Hydra-in-a-Box demo (September 16th) Mike Giarlo 9/26/16
Common Fedora Backend for Multiple Hydra Heads Collin Brittle 9/26/16
RSVP: Interest in and usage of Sufia and CurationConcerns (2016) Michael J. Giarlo 9/26/16
Hydra::Works in a non-Rails app? Peter Matthew Eichman 9/23/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group notes 2016-09-21 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/22/16
Hydra Connect dinner for Women of Hydra-Tech Anna Headley 9/22/16
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group notes 2016-09-20 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/21/16
Migrate Sufia 6 data to Sufia 7 -- working on a gem Tricia Jenkins 9/20/16
Hydra Connect 2016 update - have you signed up for everything you want to do? Richard Green 9/20/16
External body resources Stefano Cossu 9/20/16
[metadata ig] Hydra Metadata Interest Group agenda 2016-09-21 Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/20/16
adding new fields to record show page in curation concerns 1.0.0 Peri 9/19/16
[metadata ig] URI Management Working Group Predicate Decision Tree - feedback requested Hardesty, Juliet Louise 9/17/16
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