hugin and other free panoramic software

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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kodak sp360 Valerio De Luca 12:32 AM
Problem with EV setting in Preview panel Donald Johnston 8/27/15
Writing tutorials? Donald Johnston 8/27/15
Stich Bublcam images Jordi BASTIDE 8/26/15
Hugin Crashing on startup. Any clues? Miles Parkin 8/25/15
cylinder (not cylindrical) projection Battle 8/25/15
hugin crashes on win7 when opening fast preview of existing project J. Schneider 8/25/15
frustrating crashes - can't fix it Bryon Wells 8/25/15
Hugin 2015.0 released T. Modes 8/18/15
buliding panomatic fails on Ubuntu 9.10 / AMD64 Yuv 8/17/15
Feature request/Bug fix bugbear 8/17/15
Precondition violation! image sizes not consistent Rich MacDonald 8/15/15
Tips for complete 360x180 panorama using Video Stitch + Hugin from GoPro Hero4 SE mn casipit 8/13/15
Hugin crash-on-start in GLPreviewFrame.cpp / Erik Keever 8/11/15
Hugin 2015.0.0 crashes in Windows 10. Henk Tijdink 8/9/15
hugin-2014.0 make fails on opensuse 12.2 when linking to boost Roger 8/5/15
Code relevant to stitching Luca Campobasso 8/3/15
CMake variables not set when building hugin 2014 on opensuse 13.1 Roger 8/3/15
2015.0 rc3 release T. Modes 8/2/15
Hugin's use of GPU on Mac OS X George R 8/1/15
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