hugin and other free panoramic software

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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Samsung gear 360 Edmund Ong 12:33 PM
Distortion parameters "a,b,c" to "k_1, k_2, p_1, p_2[, k_3[, k_4, k_5, k_6]]" (OpenCV) Finfa811 2:25 AM
Other multi-image techniques? bugbear 6/28/16
Batch-automagically find picture groups Nicolas Ecarnot 6/27/16
Call for translators T. Modes 6/24/16
Auto optimiser.exe has stopped working Jakob Dalhoff 6/23/16
woa: NO control points added? Heinrich Schults 6/22/16
Hugin 2016.0 released T. Modes 6/21/16
Hugin vs Photoshop? Gloom Demon 6/20/16
Why is Hugin doing this? Gloom Demon 6/19/16
Hugin as a video stabilizer... one small issue I am running into... Evert Vorster 6/19/16
Beginning with hugin scripting Rafael Camargo 6/16/16
Hugin 2016.2 beta 1 released T. Modes 6/12/16
Is anyone else seeing this in Hugin? 6/12/16
Actions ->Control Points -> Warped Overlap Analysis on Windows 8 6/11/16
Warped Overlap Analysis not available for Windows? 6/10/16
Few control points on HDR images with CPFind Torsten Stremlau 6/9/16
Hugin-2016.0.0. cmake fails Simone Montrasio 6/9/16
Enfuse v4.2 question twalp 6/8/16
360 degree pano viewer? Groogle 6/7/16
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