hugin and other free panoramic software

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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problems tessalating bugbear 1:25 AM
Weird-looking Fast Preview window John Muccigrosso 2/26/15
Hugin making images more grey and losing color Amma Mar 2/25/15
Hugin Crashes On Both Windows and Ubuntu Mark Phillips 2/20/15
fun with lensfun zarl 2/20/15
hugin repository kornel 2/18/15
Fedora 21 rpms of current hugin default branch source Tduell 2/15/15
Hugin mosaic georeferencing with UAV GPS positions Sara Venturi 2/15/15
automate hundreds of panoramas Mayeul Kauffmann 2/15/15
2014.0.0 mac_user 2/11/15
Adjusting control points after stitch; best practice tbransco 2/10/15
Batch processing over 400000 PTO files. Mick Hellstrom 2/9/15
Help First Time User - Won't stich/Batch Processor not working hugin learner 2/8/15
Grid Stitching Senior Design Project Derek W 2/6/15
Re: Hugin build kornel 2/4/15
Hugin control points for photo similarity matching? Max Spring 2/1/15
Enfuse 4 1/28/15
Map one stack of images and get all remapped images with same size -- how? Lev Serebryakov 1/25/15
multi row panorama lulutreizequinze 1/25/15
Help! Need to know what initial phone calibration settings to use for iphone 6 Michelle/Kayla Herren 1/23/15
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