hugin and other free panoramic software

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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How to get the Interface Simple ? joel.bgn 7:42 AM
Nona crashing on simple images bugbear 1/16/18
Hugin 2018.0 rc1 released T. Modes 1/13/18
Hugin 2018.0 beta1 T. Modes 1/7/18
Problems with starting the progam 1/5/18
strarting problems 1/4/18
After Veritical Axis correction, Image cannot be shown in Google Maps Sampson Fung 1/3/18
Stitching Fish eye ( Sigma 8mm ) images using a panorama head. Khaled Gabr 12/26/17
Saving files as jpg Cirilo Perez 12/25/17
Projection adjustment suggestions for 2018 Abrimaal 12/24/17
Hugin halves my DPI from 300 to 150 causing loss of quality. How do I change this? 12/24/17
Partial Stitching Martí Mendez 12/23/17
Collaboration Project with VeeR VR 12/20/17
Output changes using same saved .pto file J Harvey 12/19/17
Joining twoerent drawing using control point Tousif Shaikh 12/17/17
Align image stack, warp only one image J Harvey 12/16/17
Thank you Sergio 12/11/17
Large Panorama Formats Paul Elliott 12/6/17
Problems with stitching a GigaPano ... 11/29/17
Keyboard shortcuts non working Jean-Luc Coulon 11/20/17
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