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Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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Two problems with a map bugbear 6/24/17
Build Hugin with Windows Subsystem for Linux? Jeff 6/23/17
Default output name Fotografia 6/23/17
Using Hugin HSI to register image stored as aPython numpy array Giacomo Marchioro 6/22/17
Programming new projections Roland Karlsson 6/20/17
Hugin 2017.0 rc2 released T. Modes 6/20/17
[patch] Typo fix "an other" Andreas Metzler 6/17/17
hugin on El Capitan and older versions Darwin Alonso 6/16/17
Enblend 4.2 does not work with images without an alpha channel Bernd D 6/15/17
Hugin 2017.0 rc1 released T. Modes 6/13/17
Newbie: Hugin - Fixing horizontal lines and general advice on panoramic stitch Stephen Hartley 6/10/17
Very faint lines (not parallel) on a stitching of Red Lilies, but only with one of the original images. Alignment looks very good. KumsaJack 6/9/17
Post 16.04 upgrade, Hugin will start, but immediately closes on opening any JPG or TIFF image. Any guidance would be welcome. KumsaJack 6/7/17
[Hugin UI] Un/Select range in Optimizer Valdas Jankūnas 6/2/17
stitching with .executor fails with error 2 zarl 5/26/17
2017.1.0.15267bc0655b crashes Alexander Rabtchevich 5/25/17
Hugin 2017.0 beta 1 release T. Modes 5/18/17
panorama of a moving train ... s n 5/16/17
Cylindrical projection - to the interior of a cylinder Abrimaal 5/16/17
KAMARADAS: Fotógrafos panoramistas 360º en español VMRamos 5/16/17
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