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Re: [Minimalist Runner:155117] Re: More doping allegations pointed towards Alberto Salazar Viking Runner 8/19/15
OT The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution gordo 8/18/15
carbs for the evolving brain Lawrence Smith 8/17/15
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OT - The internet: is it changing the way we think? | Technology | The Guardian Viking Runner 8/16/15
Screw the self-driving car, what the world needs is a self-driving running stroller gordo 8/15/15
Jurek on the AT Sean Butler 8/15/15
OT A New Human Trial Undermines the Carbohydrate-insulin Hypothesis of Obesity, Again gordo 8/14/15
Re: [Minimalist Runner:86086] Re: Warts Hitanshu Gandhi 8/14/15
Anatomical evidence for the antiquity of human footwear use gordo 8/13/15
Ketogenic diets lead to higher body fat percentages gordo 8/12/15
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Trailmix... Viking Runner 8/10/15
You're Running Wrong! gordo 8/7/15
OT Diet - Wasn't Sweden supposed to be the country adopting a LCHF diet? gordo 8/7/15
most comfortable is best, according to this study Lawrence Smith 8/6/15
OT - diet: I found MY diet! gordo 8/5/15
New Sandals Denise Skidmore 8/5/15
OT Quick weight loss = quick muscle loss gordo 8/2/15
OT - New trails... Viking Runner 8/1/15
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