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Barefoot Autism Challenge Barefoot TJ 2/16/17
Study: Zero-Drop Cushioned Shoes Show No Difference in Injury Rates Lawrence Smith 2/16/17
So I bought a pair of combat boots today ... gordo 2/15/17
Research uncovers mechanism, protective purpose of muscle soreness following exercise gordo 2/14/17
What’s the difference between a guru and an expert? gordo 2/12/17
Functional leg length discrepancy - upslip and anterior innominate Viking Runner 2/11/17
Quebec runner athlete denied entry to the United States iaminr-omode 2/10/17
Short run tomorrow... Viking Runner 2/9/17
New study connects running motion to ground force, provides patterns for any runner gordo 2/1/17
Ben's site! Lawrence Smith 1/28/17
Merrell Trail Glove 4 announced gordo 1/26/17
Man walking across country barefoot hit by an SUV Viking Runner 1/24/17
Ryan Hall takes up trail running gordo 1/24/17
Repair Big Toe Hole on VFFs? SamNE 1/23/17
Pushing Past Your Limits Sean Gavor 1/21/17
OT - yuck! Viking Runner 1/21/17
Black toenail protection? drunkmonckey 1/20/17
Running may be good for the knees Lawrence Smith 1/18/17
Ankle Michael 1/17/17
Anterior femoral glide...AFG Viking Runner 1/13/17
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