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Paper on Toe Function Primal Matt 12/21/17
Why HIIT does not burn much fat, and why it doesn’t matter gordo 12/16/17
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Using Crispr as a binary or... Viking Runner 12/7/17
Swearing Boosts Physical Power (+5%, Wingate) & Muscular Strength (Grip) gordo 11/29/17
Attention shoppers - Vibram Five Fingers Trek Ascent Shoes gordo 11/27/17
Standing long jump (or broad jump) John (NoVa) 11/21/17
Older men need more protein to maintain muscles gordo 11/21/17
Weck Method gordo 11/19/17
OT - Challenging neurogenisis... Viking Runner 11/19/17
OT - CRSPR, Gene drives, and planet-wide risks gordo 11/18/17
What’s new...? Viking Runner 11/10/17
Can ketones improve performance Lawrence Smith 11/10/17
Did you really run that marathon?? Lawrence Smith 11/10/17
Wired: "Do Nike's New Marathon Shoes Actually Make You Run Faster?" wilberfan 11/8/17
Another strike against icing Lawrence Smith 11/6/17
Update from Tuck's group Sean Gavor 11/4/17
Running shoes and injury risk: Rethinking the importance of cushioning and pronation gordo 11/3/17
Luna question gordo 11/3/17
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