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EP podcast addressing ketogenic diet and MAF heart rate gordo 6/13/16
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The Daily Lipid - body fat sex hormones and ketogenic diet Viking Runner 6/2/16
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Green oat groats... Viking Runner 5/28/16
Hips - the cards that have been dealt Viking Runner 5/26/16
Book on feet Geoffrey Duffield 5/26/16
Massachusetts trail runners, be careful out there gordo 5/25/16
OT: How Not To Die: Michael Gregor LF 5/21/16
Lean or slightly corpulent... Viking Runner 5/21/16
My First Multi Day Race - Validation of Natural Running Techniques Sean Gavor 5/20/16
OT: Diet Taubes carb-insulin theory tested by NUSI in a metabolic ward and the results are in gordo 5/20/16
Amusing video on media and science gordo 5/18/16
Why texting and driving is so dangerous gordo 5/18/16
BF Running & Working Memory Primal Matt 5/17/16
Man vs. Marathon Dan Mozell 5/12/16
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