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North Korean Marathon shoes Lawrence Smith 4/16/17
Self-limiting exercise: Gray Cook gordo 4/15/17
Another interesting photo gordo 4/14/17
Running and all-cause mortality gordo 4/14/17
"Practice is like a (barefoot) walk in the park for Chargers" wilberfan 4/10/17
"Barefoot...Runner Conquers 137th Marathon" wilberfan 4/10/17
The the Bland Food Cookbook gordo 4/9/17
[OT] Paleo Diet, Indeed! wilberfan 4/7/17
Cat doing intervals! Lawrence Smith 4/5/17
Shoe Cushioning Reduces Impact and Muscle Activation during Landings from Unexpected, but not Self-initiated, Drops gordo 4/4/17
Whether you should train like Maffetone or Friel might depend on your age gordo 3/31/17
Evolution of big big brains. Luis Manuel 3/31/17
MAF... Ben Pangie 3/29/17
Help. Injured knee. Had to leave 5fingers for a shoe ronloves2trikke 3/22/17
Ridiculous magazine covers. Peter Sjögren 3/22/17
Jerzy - The Happy Body Viking Runner 3/21/17
Re: [Minimalist Runner:157772] SAP WM(Warehouse Management) Consultant--CA RIlindo Foster 3/17/17
Glute imbalances... Viking Runner 3/15/17
Have you guys discussed these shoes yet? (NYTIMES) wilberfan 3/12/17
A 5 looper.... Viking Runner 3/7/17
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