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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
Paleo... why you can never go back Lawrence Smith 9:20 AM
Attention shoppers gordo 11/26/15
Haile Gebrselassie retires, runs barefoot 10k gordo 11/25/15
OT: Scientists Call for Retraction of BMJ Feature on Dietary Guidelines gordo 11/25/15
Brain insulin resistance? gordo 11/25/15
New Balance starting to use 3D printing for shoes gordo 11/22/15
Colpo takes aim at the low-carb crowd gordo 11/21/15
Worth a watch Sean Butler 11/21/15
Pinhoti Sean Butler 11/20/15
OT - The Gut Microbiome's Role in NAFLD Viking Runner 11/20/15
OT - Antibiotics Cause BP Changes in Patient with Resistant Hypertension - MPR Viking Runner 11/20/15
OT - Personal Microbiome Storage Fecal Transplant Poop Bank Viking Runner 11/20/15
Glycemic response to diet varies wildly gordo 11/19/15
Endurance athletes, low carb, Volek study chargrill 11/18/15
Podcast Sean Butler 11/15/15
Effects of carbohydrate quantity and glycemic index on resting metabolic rate and body composition during weight loss. Luis Manuel 11/14/15
Cramping all in your mind? gordo 11/13/15
For weekly mileage - better to run daily or does it matter? drunkmonckey 11/12/15
winter boots Rich Frantz 11/11/15
OT - Microbiome - Effects of antibiotic treatment - microbiota regulates antioxidants Viking Runner 11/11/15
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