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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
ZEMgear's Kickstarter Campaign for their next season of shoes Highlander 2:24 PM
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The Hacker's Diet Tuck 4/18/14
Salt intake too study - old news? Viking Runner 4/18/14
OT: Eczema and diet any thoughts. Kris Burton 4/18/14
Alcohol and resting HR John (NoVa) 4/17/14
Garmin Fenix2 Multisport Watch In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker Tuck 4/17/14
OT: How Americans Die Tuck 4/17/14
Zach Bitter - Running: Mad City 100k USATF Road National Championships Tuck 4/17/14
OT - Diet - Experimenting with my cheese intolerance and a thanks to Carl gordo 4/16/14
The Surprising Gut Microbes of African Hunter-Gatherers Tuck 4/16/14
Phil Maffetone: "60% are over-trained" John (NoVa) 4/16/14
Reactive lighting Sean Butler 4/15/14
Semi-Custom Shoes for the Office Jacques Blaauw 4/15/14
"The effect of squat depth on multiarticular muscle activation in collegiate cross-country runners." Tuck 4/15/14
HRV Sean Butler 4/14/14
Latest Broken Toe Tuck 4/14/14
Skora Core Initial Review Highlander 4/14/14
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