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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
Here's something minimal Michael 7:54 PM
OT - Herbavore not an herbavore.... Viking Runner 7:49 PM
Semi OT - Science Books: Galileo’s Middle Finger gordo 6:02 PM
Run on fat movie... Viking Runner 5:04 PM
Cadence training gordo 4:54 PM
OT: Nestle ditching artificial colors in it's chocolate candies gordo 10:51 AM
Toe Salad sold gordo 9:50 AM
Blog with some potential Dan Mozell 8:08 AM
Interesting post about the rise and fall of minimal shoes ... gordo 6:43 AM
Grim news: Tarahumara race cancelled after druglords kidnap top cop & murder 2 others Luis Manuel 3/3/15
Kilian isn't unbeatable, after all ... gordo 3/3/15
OT NSFWeak stomachs Rich Frantz 3/2/15
OT - Your chance to comment to the USDA over their interpretation of the food guidelines gordo 2/28/15
Hole in Lieberman's theory? Luis Manuel 2/28/15
Minimalist Shoe Wearers Often Confuse Foot Strike Michael 2/28/15
OT - For label readers - depressing gordo 2/27/15
OT - COOKING METHODS Viking Runner 2/27/15
Altra Eve Ben Pangie 2/27/15
Surprised Tuck hasn't jumped on this yet ... gordo 2/27/15
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