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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
Vivobarefoot Boot Viking Runner 4:02 PM
In the news... Viking Runner 1:46 PM
Xero trail shoe gordo 1:15 PM
OT - Microbiome - The big HSO controversy with Prescipt assist... Viking Runner 3/10/18
Roger is gone gordo 3/8/18
Lopifit - a treadmill on wheels | Euromaxx Viking Runner 3/7/18
Replacement Huaraches JimB 3/5/18
Vapor Glove Reveal Lawrence Smith 3/2/18
Are we biologivally dependent on cooking? Lawrence Smith 2/26/18
My Shoes (A Romance Novel) Sean Gavor 2/26/18
OT Diet: Nail two in the coffin of the carbohydrate/insulin theory gordo 2/21/18
Thanks for the add folks!! Joshua Moyer 2/20/18
Saw the new Trail Glove 4 and Vapor Glove 3 gordo 2/20/18
The Shoe That Could Make a Sub-Two-Hour Viking Runner 2/19/18
Mesh shoe... Viking Runner 2/18/18
Lem's Boulder Boots Lawrence Smith 2/16/18
Re: Glad that there are attempts... Viking Runner 2/16/18
NEOS Overshoe Dan Mozell 2/16/18
The small intestine, not the liver, is the first stop for processing fructose | Science News Viking Runner 2/14/18
Nike slowly coming around... Viking Runner 1/30/18
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