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Hockeynet is intended for use by people wanting to discuss topics on what else, but underwater hockey and directly related topics such as tournament info and results, equipment, rules, strategies, lore, and culture. 

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Reminder: USA MTP December 3-4, 2016 in Denver, CO Brittany Haughton 9/25/16
Update on the 2016 Women's Tournament Brigit Grimm 9/24/16
Save the Date: Dec 10-11, USA Women's Elite Training Camp Tyera Eulberg 9/19/16
Fwd: Save the Date - Dec 10-11 Phil 9/19/16
Inscriptions Tournoi de Montreal / Montreal Tournament Registrations Scuba_Sheb 9/14/16
MTP December 4-5, 2016 Denver CO. gregory 9/11/16
GMU Potluck Tournament - October 8 9/4/16
Women's Tournament 2016 update- we have coaches! Brigit Grimm 9/1/16
Team USA Women's Elite Coach Selected Leah Ettema 8/26/16
UWH Illustrated - S01E03 (Euroclubs 2016) Sebastián Viviani 8/26/16
Order your Club Fred T-shirt Today!!!- This is part of the Old Timers Tourney, but anyone can order this Treasure Karen Erickson 8/19/16
Fwd: Women's Tournament 2016 Brigit Grimm 8/15/16
USA Men's Masters - Intro Event - Denver 11/5 - 11/6 icurtain 8/13/16
USA MTP Training Dates gregory 8/11/16
2017 Junior Team Candidates and Coaches Agnes Debrunner 7/28/16
USA Men Training Program gregory 7/28/16
UWH Illustrated - S01E02 (Breier's basic maintenance) Sebastián Viviani 7/25/16
Old Timers Tournament is ON Karen Erickson 7/18/16
USA UWH Elections (July 2016) Gustavo Pesce, SF Children program 7/11/16
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