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Hockeynet is intended for use by people wanting to discuss topics on what else, but underwater hockey and directly related topics such as tournament info and results, equipment, rules, strategies, lore, and culture. 

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Old Timers Tournament Agnes Debrunner 5/18/18
US Nationals apparel Agnes Debrunner 4/30/18
Chicago Tune up For Nationals Tournament (5/26) Cheryl Skukas 4/24/18
US Only - Nationals John Kulsa 4/23/18
Nationals Hotel (Fairfield) Tyera 4/23/18
Looking for Where to Buy Berier Type Fins 4/21/18
San Diego Sea Dragons Cinco de Pucko Tournament - May 5, 2018 John Kulak 4/21/18
USA UWH Nationals: 6 spots left! Entry fees increase after April 27 Tyera 4/20/18
USA Nationals apparel Agnes Debrunner 4/19/18
UMASS Lowell Underwater Hockey Tournament Announcement: April 28-29 Chris Niezrecki 4/4/18
2018 Worlds Fan Shirts!! 3/28/18
UWH Illustrated - Adjusting the strap of the Breiers Sebastián Viviani 3/8/18
Register for USA UWH Nationals 2018, in Colorado June 8-10 Tyera 3/8/18
Fwd: [lista-ebam:3939] Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع silvia rano 2/27/18
old timers Carol Rose 2/26/18
Hockey god David Simon 2/25/18
KEVIN'S ADDRESS Paula Elliott 1/25/18
Dry Bag Fundraiser- US Women's Elite Team Katrina Finley 1/25/18
KEVIN Paula Elliott 1/25/18
UWH Illustrated - Mouthguards Sebastián Viviani 1/16/18
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