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Headstart Mailing List Rules:

Headstart Mailing list has grown to more than 10000 members consisting of Entrepreneurs, Investors, aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants and service providers from all over India.

The traffic on the mailing list has also grown to more than 400 messages per month. To maintain the quality of messages, the moderators of the mailing list who are volunteers of the Headstart Network Foundation have decided to enforce some rules to maintain the signal-to-noise ratio. This mailing list is primarily for entrepreneurs and startups so it will help if the posters ask themselves these questions before posting the mailing list (to make the life of moderators easier - BTW these are the questions moderators ask themselves before allowing posting):

1. Has this question been asked before ? - Suggest searching the archives before asking questions on the mailing list. Many questions such as which hosting provider to use have been answered many times before.

2. How is this information _specifically_ useful for other entrepreneurs or other startups ? - Especially for those posters who post information regarding other conferences / seminars / tutorials / workshops ?

3. Is this a personal reply to the poster ? If then I would request posters to directly answer to the poster and not the mailing list.

4. Is this message relevant to the objectives of the mailing lists (helping startups and entrepreneurs) and does it follow the guidelines of the mailing list ? Please refer the guidelines below before posting.

1. Please prefix informative links and posts with [Link] in the subject of the messages.

2. Please prefix queries with the [Query] in the subject of messages.

3. Please prefix queries regarding events such as conferences / seminars / workshops with [Event] in the subject of messages. Also putting the deadline (if any) in the subject is useful.

4. Please prefix messages for office space / space sharing  with [Office Space] in the subject. Putting the locations of the area & city (such as Indiranagar, Bangalore) in the subject header should it make it easy to search.

5. Please prefix offers for Funding / Investing startups with [Fund]

6. Please prefix hiring / jobs descriptions with [Jobs]. Also describe what your startup does (with founders background) and if you offer options/other facilities. If the jobs are not for startups these posts will be rejected.

Last but not the least Please read "How to ask Questions the smart way ?". (http://catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html) This is directed mainly towards technical folks but is still useful for other people. This will increase the probability of finding the answers to your questions quickly.

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