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HaskellMN Meetup: Wednesday, April 16 kyle.mar...@gmail.com 4/16/14
Meetup Next Week (4/9) Kyle Marek-Spartz 4/7/14
Meeting Place Danny Gratzer 3/18/14
HoTT? Danny Gratzer 3/18/14
Talk Ideas Danny Gratzer 3/18/14
online judge sites Erik Rantapaa 3/15/14
Reminder, Meeting Tonight Danny Gratzer 3/12/14
atom invites Erik Rantapaa 3/11/14
test Erik Rantapaa 3/11/14
Haskell.MN Meetup March 12 Kyle Marek-Spartz 2/26/14
Haskell MN Meetup: Wednesday, Feb. 12 Kyle Marek-Spartz 2/12/14
Talk at DevJam: Immutable Values: Benefits of Value-Based Programming Erik Rantapaa 2/3/14
vindinium Erik Rantapaa 1/29/14
xkcd 1313 Erik Rantapaa 1/9/14
haskell.mn Kyle Marek-Spartz 1/9/14
February Haskell Meetup Kyle Marek-Spartz 1/8/14
haskell reflection paper Erik Rantapaa 11/8/13
Haskell coding demos Erik Rantapaa 10/25/13
TC Code Camp talk - "The Haskell Ecosystem" Erik Rantapaa 10/13/13
Upcoming Meetings Danny Gratzer 10/9/13
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