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assigned tasks won't recurr Jamie Gaddy 8/5/16
Mobile photo attachment failure Bob S 8/5/16
Queues not appearing 8/4/16
How do I disable Auto Date entries?? 8/4/16
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Completed recurring items on shared lists continue to be shown Frank Leone 8/3/16
Collaborator's list is not syncing on IOS. Kamil Maras 8/3/16
No more SMS calendar notifications per Google? Craig S 8/3/16
Is it possible to have the queue name attached to the task in the Calendar? 8/3/16
Include Links to tasks in notifications 8/1/16
select icons on task and "more" menu? Marieke 8/1/16
re minders Henry Sardar 8/1/16
Re: Send a message from a task? Cameron (GQueues) 8/1/16
Duplicate task? Donald Fincher 8/1/16
How Can I Turn On Badge Notifications For My iPhone? George Hofstetter 8/1/16
New assignment mailer content is wrong 7/28/16
Sharing Queues: Display a list of frequent shares. Brian Watt 7/28/16
Feature Request - Select Multiple Tasks Louis G 7/28/16
Smart Queues not working when set to from the beginning of time Al Rashdan 7/28/16
UI update necessary Manfred 7/28/16
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