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Does attaching a file to a task create a duplicate of the file in Google Docs? Marissa Carroll 4/10/15
Request: Add New Document (attachment) from within Task (especially on Mobile) Chris Graham 4/10/15
Feature Request - Select Multiple Tasks Louis G 4/10/15
Request: Reference one Saved-Search from Another Chris Graham 4/9/15
Suggestion: Simple hack for Kanban-esque display (and other uses) Chris Graham 4/9/15
Android App Feature Request: Expand all subtasks Nipun Mahajan 4/9/15
Smart queues that include the sub queues if the parent is tagged Jason 4/9/15
Easy way to change due date on multiple tasks at once? Patrice yesitisreallyme 4/9/15
Please add to mobile version: tap grouping header to go to parent queue 4/9/15
How to toggle show/hide marked tasks and subtasks? Sascha Ballweg 4/9/15
admin creat queues and tags for entire domain Alex Cunningham 4/7/15
Feature request: extend the destinations of task's reminders Diego Balgera 4/7/15
Managing/searching assigned tasks Jason Fritz 4/7/15
GQueues Lynn Olsen 4/7/15
Delete Google Drive files with task Lewis Dexter Litanzios 4/7/15
As a user I would like the ability to attach folders to tasks to help me group file uploads #UX #FeatureRequest Lewis Dexter Litanzios 4/7/15
Smaller tasks within a larger one - How to? David Mitchell 4/7/15
Request: GQueues Gmail Gadget deprecated, need a replacement for Firefox Stefan Lasiewski 4/6/15
Assigned Tasks Not Showing As Completed In Assigner's Queue George Hofstetter 4/6/15
Widgets not working with android 5.1 Gauwain 4/6/15
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