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Global shortcut to add task Nordlys 4/14/16
Feature request: save tasks' position and state (expanded, collapsed) when navigate between queues Oleg 4/14/16
Missing create task button in Gmail Justin Kreger 4/13/16
GQueues for Gmail: Multi emails with one GQueues Account Jacob Floyd 4/13/16
How to undo changes? 4/13/16
Fix spam Lewis Dexter Litanzios 4/13/16
Sync Issue Deborah Gearhart 4/13/16
GQueues Referral Program coming soon - testers needed Cameron (GQueues) 4/12/16
Any thumbs up for this feature ... To allow drag-and-drop to prioritize Due Today Kai Hock Quek 4/12/16
How will Gqueues work with the new Google Inbox? Bryan 4/12/16
Sorting and shortcuts Brea Carlson 4/11/16
How to automatically remove extra inserted text in the Description and Notes fields? Diane Kistner 4/11/16
Repeat daily from completion date as default? Felhasznalo 4/11/16
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Gqueues, Calendar Integration and Reminders Gray Strickland 4/9/16
Where did my task GO!? 4/8/16
Enhance "Undo" delete task feature Lewis Dexter Litanzios 4/7/16
Remove completed tasks from calendar John Eggen 4/7/16
Backup Queues & Tasks for all organization users 4/7/16
iOS app won't open. Keeps crashing before app opens. Joshua C. 4/7/16
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