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Enhancement Share Smart Queues Paul Ayling 2/13/15
Andriod Alarm 2/13/15
Request Feature: Add support of thunderlinks additionally to http, ftp, file, brain and evernote (which are already supported) Daniel Werner 2/13/15
Feature Request - Select Multiple Tasks Louis G 2/13/15
Major Feature Request: Multiple window task drag/drop Jacob Floyd 2/13/15
New Gmail integration with multiple Gmail accounts Ákos Szatzger 2/11/15
Feature Request: Keyboard jump to position in queue Jacob Floyd 2/11/15
Can these two features be added to clarify who actually added a new task? Gilbert Lujan 2/11/15
Link to a private queue or task Ed Kershenbaum 2/11/15
bug completing task with LOTS of subtasks Will Hitchcock 2/11/15
Feature Request: Default Notifications Emanuele 2/11/15
Creating subtasks inside the maintask (task Level 1) and gantt diagram 2/10/15
Gantt Chart integration Huld David 2/10/15
Android app: problem editing task with notes David H 2/10/15
Android App - Reorder tasks and subtasks José Manuel Calvar González 2/10/15
Feature Request-Improve manual drag reordering Kevin Rappold 2/10/15
Text wrap issue on LG G3 phone 207Pauly 2/10/15
Text flow issue trying to edit task with Android app. Parish Mills 2/10/15
Formatting/layout bug in the Andriod app? Ryan Holliday 2/10/15
Note 4 Edit Task Micah Waugh 2/10/15
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