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Feature Request: Allow projects to repeat with all subtasks remaining connected Amy Smith 7/28/17
Customize show/hide default for individual queues Amy Smith 7/28/17
Calendar Frédéric Guffroy 7/27/17
Feature Request: Accordion-style hiding/showing of subtasks at the parent level Jennifer C. 7/26/17
recording time needed to complete a task, and assigning X hours or minutes of task effort to different days Jan H. 7/25/17
Team Drives Вахан Тахмизян 7/25/17
Removing an attachement Andrew Stewart 7/25/17
Queue descriptions have disappeared in web app Amy Smith 7/25/17
Feature request: add a "waiting on reply" button to gmail/gqueues integration. Dan 7/25/17
Batch Edits JC 7/24/17
Show tags in iOS app A Cleater 7/24/17
Re: recurring task only shows up once? Cameron (GQueues) 7/22/17
Quick Add via Email - Specify Category & New Queue Creation Doug Redman 7/22/17
Duplicate queue/task in mobile app? GollyJer 7/22/17
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for Activity Log and Notifications Cameron (GQueues) 7/21/17
Copy automaticaly a task link Frédéric Guffroy 7/20/17
Ok, let me ask it another way... Bruce Driggers 7/20/17
NEW: Task Duration Cameron (GQueues) 7/19/17
Custom reminders not working in GQueues Chrome Extension Jerry Kreindler 7/19/17
Comments Feature - Printing Available? NZ 7/19/17
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