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auto advance reminders Jeff Polen 5/24/17
Undo on complete Jeff Polen 5/24/17
When Oh when is GQueues going to finally sort out the shambles of connecting properly to Android Wear. Jim Sear 5/21/17
GQueues Migration between Google accounts 5/19/17
Indexing for search is very slow Eric Benovitz 5/18/17
Is Gqueues free for Gsuit Users? Is Gqueues free for GSUIT admins? 5/17/17
Mark multiple items (for bulk updates) Juwlz 5/17/17
Google Calendar not Syncing Back to GQueues Robert Love 5/17/17
Duplicate entries Reuben Thum 5/16/17
[BUG REPORT] Syncing not working between GQueues desktop and GQueues android app Fabienne 5/16/17
Please add an undo option - colleague just deleted a task, and we cannot recover it... Jennifer Carlson 5/16/17
Custom Reminder Times Jordyn Bonds 5/15/17
Gqueues not syncing repeating tasks with Google Calendar J. Helios 5/15/17
problem with calendar sych Margaret Church 5/15/17
Duplicate tasks on calendar Aaron 5/15/17
Calendar Notifications or Gqueues Notifications Jeff Polen 5/14/17
Any plan for Apple Watch app ? Jean-Paul Chanal 5/13/17
Ctrl-z and Ctrl-x do not work anymore Matthias 5/13/17
Date Feature request 5/12/17
Completed Items Showing up in Calendar Stacey Frye 5/12/17
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