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Feature: Task note markdown Lewis Dexter Litanzios 11/14/17
Adding new taks via Hangouts (replace Talk) Pavel 11/13/17
Comments feature sorting Mark La Bozzetta 11/13/17
Cosmetic suggestion Doug Redman 11/13/17
Move a subtask to a different parent on iPhone app conwaynyc _ 11/13/17
Why don't I get alerts for my tasks via browser and mobile? Realtor Cisco 11/13/17
Update on Bulk Edits Needed! Frantz Nelson 11/10/17
Suggested Feature : Search by Time Gavin Maher 11/10/17
spanish Pedro Zambrano 11/9/17
searching tasks 11/9/17
Will GQueues be creating new functionality with gmail add-on? Amy Smith 11/8/17
Suggested Feature: not only active tasks, not only archived tasks but all tasks of the queue with button choice (active, archived, all) Francesco Venuti 11/7/17
Bug: Updated Google calendar breaks queue link Tephra 11/3/17
GTD from the "Assigned" perspective 11/3/17
Re: Smart Queue - for those tasks assigned by others, not me Cameron (GQueues) 11/3/17
Notification problem Giorgio Sordelli 11/3/17
Suggested Feature: nested comments and liking comments Ashley Schwartau 11/3/17
Automatic sync to Android application not working 11/3/17
API question revisited Darren Wray 11/1/17
Re: Allow multiple reminders per task? Cameron (GQueues) 10/31/17
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