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Mobile version request - Persistence of GQueues App when entering task via widget 4/13/15
GTD Lessons from ThinkingRock Dave Disser 4/13/15
Integrate with Toggl Nigel Ford 4/13/15
Disable Quick Add Justin Mahar 4/13/15
Gqueues reverted to old data Jeff Pruitt 4/13/15
Any news on multiple notifications for reminders? Patrice yesitisreallyme 4/13/15
Recurring Yearly events not logging correctly Patrice yesitisreallyme 4/13/15
Feature request: better control where a recurring task is being inserted Matthias 4/12/15
Suggestion - time duration for items, without setting due date Julian Tse 4/12/15
GQueues on smartwatch (moto 360) Federico Parra 4/11/15
Google Calendar Integration - Deleting - and marking a task complete - BUT.... Assignments to 3-4-5-6 parties... does it check off each party's "done" or the entire task as done? Stephen King 4/11/15
Problems on Overdue Smart queues Yvaral Villier 4/11/15
Colors in Google Calendar Arielle Weedman 4/11/15
View Assignments for another Person Arielle Weedman 4/10/15
Request: Retain Grouping and Sorting on a Per-"Queue" Basis Chris Graham 4/10/15
Comment notification vitali tokarev 4/10/15
Assignments in Google Calendar Gadget. I would like to assign tasks and have the assigned person see them in Google Calendar Gadget. Is this possible? 4/10/15
Gqueues button only shows when not in split pane mode Corey Jeppesen 4/10/15
Does attaching a file to a task create a duplicate of the file in Google Docs? Marissa Carroll 4/10/15
Request: Add New Document (attachment) from within Task (especially on Mobile) Chris Graham 4/10/15
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