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Default attachment upload folder changed to root 9/6/16
Can I assign a Gqueue account to a person in a different domain? Javier Asenjo 9/6/16
Repeating Tasks David Brownholland 9/6/16
Fixed/Static Queues Koen Quicken 9/5/16
iOS bug when editing due dates A Cleater 9/1/16
Recurring Tasks with Subtasks automatically recurring Anna Erickson 9/1/16
Shift-Enter not creating a new line Jared Hawk 9/1/16
Is it possible to select multiple tasks at once? Vee H 9/1/16
24 hour format Finn Hybjerg Hansen 9/1/16
Glitch when deleting queues YB 8/31/16
Create task button not appearing Paul Atkins 8/31/16
App Moving too Slow James Moore 8/31/16
IPad app and multitasking David Morlitz 8/31/16
IPone error 8/31/16
FEATURE REQUEST - Reactivate archived tasks by autocomplete AlexEdimensionz 8/30/16
Shared READ ONLY Notes: Would like to request function for Apps to be able to copy the Note Title and Note Content Kyng 8/29/16
Sharing categories 8/29/16
Tag inheritance Arpicheck 8/28/16
Subtasks in Smart Queues Karl S 8/28/16
Import Tasks from Todoist David Clarke 8/26/16
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