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Set detailed durations-- e.g. 10 days? Keenan Thomas 7/17/15
Auto Reorder? Nathan Moss 7/17/15
Drag and drop into collapsed category A Cleater 7/17/15
Workaroud for giving file permissions in google drive for every attached filed when task assigned to an email outside domain. Anthony King 7/16/15
Gqueues for g mail is not working Greg Hill 7/15/15
Feature request: collapse completed tasks button Alessandro Venturini 7/13/15
Category Folder color - and default all queues to same color? Michael W 7/13/15
I have a dell venue pro tablet & find it impossable to move a task in google chrome.When I try to do it it marks the checkbox nnnext to thhe number andmoves it to archive. Abraham Wolf 7/12/15
Assigned Tasks Showing up on my GooCalendar Devin S. Moss 7/10/15
Ability to batch add or modify dates Sanjeev Arora 7/10/15
Integration with Highrise Lorie MacFarlane 7/9/15
GQ UPLOADS Folder - urgent permissions error - folder structure issue Stephen King 7/8/15
How do I get Gqueues to block off my work calendar when I schedule a task time/duration? Isaac Wyatt 7/8/15
Task Assigments and labels Matt Kennedy 7/8/15
haven't decided to use gqueues yet. Is it built around google tasks? Must I use google tasks (a horrible excuse for task management)? 7/7/15
Overdue Items - Roll Over to next day in Google Calendar Sisyphus 7/6/15
Hidden Task and Overdue Smart Queue Error Remil Marzan 7/6/15
Android app shows archived tasks in Overdue smart queue simon spring 7/6/15
Bug Report - Smart Queue Sort Order when queue contains subtasks. Kirk S 7/6/15
Google calendar Sync Filippo De Simone 7/6/15
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