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My scroll wheel doesn't work Guenter T. Vollbach 2/21/18
How to efficiently choose tasks for "Today"... KR 2/21/18
Ipad Multi Taking Christopher Ward 2/20/18
Smart Queue that includes subtasks on the tasks that show up? Nicholas Hall 2/20/18
Smart Queues Tags Criteria A) With any one of these tags: B) With every one of these tags Both settings seem to do same thing James Beasley 2/20/18
Create Task Bookmarklet not working in Firefox Quantum except on GQueues page. Daniel Reardon 2/19/18
Syncing issues on iPhone Christian Tarsney 2/19/18
Is there a way to see date and time on the notifications? Harry Engel 2/19/18
Tasks checked completed in the "Assignments" smart queue are completing and archiving the task in the main queue. Chris Wright 2/19/18
Would it be possible to add a function for editing the names of web addresses added to task notes? 2/19/18
Move List function Elise Enriquez 2/16/18
Can I share/clone/export my account settings to other users? Amy Smith 2/16/18
Site is down - Getting an error message right now as well James Beasley 2/15/18
Site is down - Getting an error message right now Nicholas Hall 2/15/18
is gqueues site down? Martha Patella 2/15/18
Dates of all task are disappearing MW 2/13/18
Feature Request: Queues to Remember Expand/Collapse Configuration Don Beck 2/13/18
Make strikethrough of completed tasks optional? Chris in DC 2/13/18
Will GQueues be creating new functionality with gmail add-on? Amy Smith 2/13/18
Source code Marco 2/12/18
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