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Bug - Subtasks visible even though showing subtasks is not checked off John Hochroth 8/12/16
Gqueues doesn't sync on my Google Apps for Work account (but does indeed on Balázs Daka 8/12/16
Select multiple tags Tom Hansen 8/12/16
Make strikethrough of completed tasks optional? Chris in DC 8/12/16
Calendar integration with multiple calendars 8/12/16
Search functionality Thomas K 8/12/16
ALERT: Platform errors, slow loading Cameron (GQueues) 8/11/16
Recreate Beginning of Time to two weeks from today in Search Terms. 8/11/16
Comments Feature - Printing Available? NZ 8/11/16
Quick Add Syntax and emal get ERROR when use two [queues] [queues2] Tomáš Sušeň 8/10/16
Editing your Gqueues avatar Kerry Jones 8/10/16
I have several questions... 8/10/16
The changes and new events in Google Calendar do not reflect in Gqueus... What can be the problem? Edward Shamis 8/9/16
Export doesn't work Yura Pekov 8/8/16
GQueues has started sending assignment notification emails when regenerating a recurring task Jason Fritz 8/8/16
Request: Task Notes in Sidebar (by Comments) Chris Graham 8/8/16
Profile popup not working in comments on shared queues Aaron Weingarden 8/8/16
How can I delete multiple tasks or empty your inbox? Krysta 8/8/16
Tag using hashtag not working when updating a task Odp 8/8/16
Attaching Outlook emails Paul Buckland 8/8/16
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