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Feature Request: Google Calendar Location Field Paul Luckett 12/1/17
Plans for Integration with Glip or Slack? Brandon Scivolette 11/29/17
Invoke Create Voice Task With Tasker Paul Luckett 11/28/17
#Enhancement As a user, when I attach a Google (Drive) document) to a task, I want the file name to update when file name changes occur Lewis Dexter Litanzios 11/28/17
Android Mobile App Christopher Wagner 11/27/17
Total Overdue Tasks Gary Crossey 11/27/17
Inbox OR Today Giuseppe Lucchini 11/27/17
Feature Request - Select Multiple Tasks Louis G 11/26/17
Linking Gqueues Tasks to Google Contacts Dan Ripke 11/23/17
Searching an element of a word or phrase (f.e. a part of an E-Mail address) Sascha Ballweg 11/23/17
Recover deleted task 11/22/17
Is Export to CSV Down? Daniel Hanson 11/20/17
#Feature As a user, when I'm viewing queue tasks, I want to select multiple tasks so I can batch/bulk update/delete/move them Lewis Dexter Litanzios 11/16/17
New Google Calendar integration Tim Weaver 11/16/17
Feature: Task note markdown Lewis Dexter Litanzios 11/14/17
Adding new taks via Hangouts (replace Talk) Pavel 11/13/17
Comments feature sorting Mark La Bozzetta 11/13/17
Cosmetic suggestion Doug Redman 11/13/17
Move a subtask to a different parent on iPhone app conwaynyc _ 11/13/17
Why don't I get alerts for my tasks via browser and mobile? Realtor Cisco 11/13/17
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