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BETA TESTERS NEEDED for the new Comments feature Cameron (GQueues) 4/28/16
UPDATE: New calendar pop-up Cameron (GQueues) 3/9/16
UPDATE: Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from GQueues Cameron (GQueues) 1/26/16
UPDATE: Setting for new lines in notes Cameron (GQueues) 12/3/15
Lost tasks after renewal Rick Segeberg 5/3/16
No more updates on Android? Thomas Dresch 5/3/16
Manual Smart Queue Sorting J.C. 5/3/16
See completed tasks before they are archived Marty 5/3/16
Support for Google Inbox? Vita Zalud 5/3/16
Integration With Evernote Garland Coulson 5/2/16
some suggestions from a newbie SH 5/2/16
Update on Bulk Edits Needed! Frantz Nelson 5/2/16
Bug report - Mark the corresponding task complete (and all subtasks) and gcal deleting event Easy Neezy 5/2/16
Separate Calendars.... Mark Meagher 5/2/16
Attachment Luc Steyaert 5/2/16
Same task repeated 200x and can't delete Jesus Rodriguez 5/2/16
Plans for Integration with Glip or Slack? Brandon Scivolette 5/2/16
GQueues for Gmail Chrome Extension in Windows 10 does not work. John Taylor 5/2/16
Taggin on tasks assigned to me Vita Zalud 5/1/16
Different Colors for Tasks Within A Queue Mark Meagher 5/1/16
Help! Queues performance has really deteriorated. Bill Miranda 4/29/16
Easier way to attach files juan munoz 4/29/16
When I click "Create Task" button in Gmail nothing happens. Chris Forsey 4/29/16
Attachmemts Luc Steyaert 4/29/16
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