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UPDATE: New Task Overview and Link to a Task Cameron (GQueues) 6/28/16
BETA TESTERS NEEDED for the new Comments feature Cameron (GQueues) 6/23/16
UPDATE: Improved Collaboration Syncing Cameron (GQueues) 6/21/16
UPDATE: Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from GQueues Cameron (GQueues) 1/26/16
Suggestion: assign Importance, Urgency, and Status to tasks Laura 6/28/16
Suggestion: allow a venue (ie. location) to be added to a GQueues task Andrew Clark 6/27/16
Fixing Recurring Tasks Cameron 6/27/16
Working with a VA Michael Davis 6/27/16
duplicate task icon missing videv 6/27/16
Want to upgrade just 1 user Mike L 6/27/16
Sync Issue Deborah Gearhart 6/26/16
Rights of Assignee Subhajit Das 6/25/16
QuickAdd outside the web browser Juan Francisco Sicilia 6/25/16
Windows 10 (Surface 3) - Chrome Extension not working? Lily Torelli 6/25/16
tasks suddenly duplicate themselves Mike Rand 6/24/16
Suggestion: Make shortcut screen larger (android) Christopher Smith 6/24/16
Archiving quirk Bob Christensen 6/23/16
dropbox Guy Levi 6/23/16
Why do my Notes disappear? Annette Eisfeld 6/22/16
Request Feature: Add support of thunderlinks additionally to http, ftp, file, brain and evernote (which are already supported) Daniel Werner 6/22/16
Suggestion: color code google calendar display of tasks Bob Christensen 6/21/16
Created gray theme for GQueues to use with Stylish Geoff 6/20/16
How to switch to 24 hours clock? Vadims Zenins 6/20/16
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