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Beta Testers Needed! Cameron (GQueues) 3/26/15
GQueues and GTD Cameron 3/20/15
Integrate with Toggl Nigel Ford 3/28/15
Android bug - queues menu not opening normally Henri 3/28/15
Is it possible to have the queue name attached to the task in the Calendar? 3/27/15
A big thanks.... Andrew Haverstock 3/26/15
feature suggestion: daily or weekly summary mail Ferran López 3/26/15
Collaborate Calendar and Queues Caitlyn Mandel 3/26/15
Notifications on Updates Sierra M 3/26/15
All Queues View When You Click Containing Catagory Cyrus Kirby 3/26/15
Bug: Smart Queue subtasks aren't next to parent tasks & appears in a random order? Alex 3/25/15
As a user I would like raw files to be preserved in Drive when I upload them to tasks as attachments #UX #FeatureRequest Lewis Dexter Litanzios 3/25/15
As a user I would like to click into task notes and have the cursor display at the top #UX #FeatureRequest Lewis Dexter Litanzios 3/25/15
Suggestion: Intuitive task scheduling Gemma Bartlett 3/25/15
Error trying to duplicate queue Kathi Daugherty 3/25/15
Assign a task to a contact group? David Moats Jr 3/25/15
Gqueues' handling of timed tasks (ie appointments) on google calendar AnnM 3/25/15
Feature Request: be able to set date to send assignment Greg Finch 3/25/15
FEATURE REQUESTS - Reminder time and snooze Paul Schwartz 3/24/15
Request: WARN before Navigating OUT of GQueues web app! Chris Graham 3/24/15
Feature request: quick tagging. 3/24/15
Colors in Google Calendar Arielle Weedman 3/24/15
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