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UPDATE: Comments Feature Launched Cameron (GQueues) 7/28/16
UPDATE: New Task Overview and Link to a Task Cameron (GQueues) 7/14/16
UPDATE: Improved Collaboration Syncing Cameron (GQueues) 6/21/16
UPDATE: Create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from GQueues Cameron (GQueues) 1/26/16
New assignment mailer content is wrong 7/28/16
Sharing Queues: Display a list of frequent shares. Brian Watt 7/28/16
Include Links to tasks in notifications 7/28/16
Feature Request - Select Multiple Tasks Louis G 7/28/16
Smart Queues not working when set to from the beginning of time Al Rashdan 7/28/16
UI update necessary Manfred 7/28/16
Able to adjust the Queues column width Frédéric Guffroy 7/28/16
Editing your Gqueues avatar Kerry Jones 7/28/16
Do team members (task assignees) need to be premium Gqueues members to be able to comment on a task? Kerry Jones 7/28/16
How to get Comments to display on Android Phone? Tim H 7/27/16
Comments Feature - Printing Available? NZ 7/27/16
Feature request: Let users adjust the width of the GQueues gadget on Google Calendar 7/25/16
Due dates and planning dates Paul Buckland 7/25/16
Mobile photo attachment failure Bob S 7/25/16
New User Seeking Advise or Best Practices G Faith Owens, CPB, EA 7/25/16
Ability to create queue for NEXT WEEK or NEXT FORTNIGHT or NEXT MONTH or WHATEVER CUSTOM date you choose bryanne 7/25/16
Is it posssible to connect the upload files options to 2 drives? Sven Raphael Schneider 7/25/16
Can managers see and edit task lists of employees? Sven Raphael Schneider 7/25/16
How do I add a cell number so that I can receive SMS notifications? 7/25/16
GQueues Not Updating (Urgent) Mike Reed 7/22/16
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