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Welcome to Gqrx!

Gqrx is a software defined radio receiver that uses GNU Radio as signal processing framework and the Qt toolkit for its user interface. Currently it can be used as an AM, FM and SSB receiver using the Funcube Dongle, RTL2832U-based DVB-T dongles, USRP, HackRF, BladeRF, NetSDR and OsmoSDR devices on Linux and Mac OS X.

You can use this forum/group to discuss anything related to Gqrx, but please do search the group first for help and for troubleshooting tips.

Gqrx Web page:
Latest download packages:
Development code:

If you are new to GNU Radio you can begin with the binary packages. These include required GNU Radio libraries but you still need to install some other dependencies. The README file included in each package should provide sufficient details, if not ask.

If you already have GNU Radio installed on your system, you can try compiling Gqrx from source. Currently the build system is is based on Qmake with all its advantages and weaknesses. Theoretically, it should be enough to load the file in Qt Creator and press the build button, assuming that you already have a working GNU Radio 3.7 SDK installed on your system. It practice this is not always the case and some troubleshooting is necessary. A cmake-based build system might be created in the future.

More screenshots:

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