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Welcome to the Google for Nonprofits discussion forum!  This is a place to connect with other nonprofits, share best practices and ask for advice on how to use Google products to help your cause. Please also use this forum to post questions about the general application process.

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Ownership Transfer requests are now being processed! ginabeans 4/16/15
Have a Google for Nonprofits question? Try the new Issue Troubleshooter! Handy Annie 4/2/15
Change to Eligibility Guidelines LadyBugz 3/24/15
Google+ Pages for Nonprofits LadyBugz 12/15/14
Have Administrator rights, but shows we are not eligible? SSJErie 4/24/15
Google Apps Enrollment / Domain Verification Melissa Gordon 4/24/15
Can't find our original email address HAL9000 4/24/15
As a Community Company known as a CIC (Community Interest Company) that's asset locked and not-for-profit registered with Companies House for England & Wales Alan North 4/24/15
my website ranking slow American pest control Delhi 4/23/15
Application Denied but we have 501 C 3 and listed on the IRS website Lecia Brown 4/23/15
Applying for google non-profit Bell Road 4/23/15
Checking on eligibility Rob Basch 4/22/15
Non-profit (not a hospital, not an educational institution) rejection Lauren League 4/22/15
Adding Community Interest Company's to Google Ad Grants for non profit program. Neil Chandler 4/22/15
Youtube for nonprofits – change channel Jakub Hanuš 4/21/15
Convert Existing Group to Nonprofit Group? Friends BosqueDelApache 4/17/15
Support Pin viscous circle Amanda Garzon 4/16/15
One Today not available under "Enrollments" Sean Connor 4/15/15
How do I provide Proof of Nonprofit Status? Len Gutman 4/15/15
I made an error when first applying for an account. Ron Maglothin 4/14/15
Volunteer Ambulance Corp application rejected Derrick Caranci 4/14/15
How come my 501C3 conservancy does not quality for google non profits when it seems to meet all of the criteria Rob Basch 4/14/15
CEO on another non profit board Kristy Emch 4/14/15
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