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Can an organization select admin level people for a project? 5/10/17
gsoc 2017 stats Marko Bogdanović 5/10/17
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Proof of Acceptance into the program Leng 5/5/17
2017 GSoC students have been announced! Mary Radomile 5/4/17
GSoc Project Acceptance Query @pc 5/4/17
How to know if your project has been accepted or not. Kumar Ujjawal 5/3/17
TimeZone of Result Janga Reddy 4/30/17
Why the mentor did not reply to me? Jeremy Scott 4/26/17
Questions regarding proof of enrollment Diwakar Moturu 4/17/17
Stipends based on PPP, justified? kartik sibal 4/13/17
Selection by organizations arohit 4/12/17
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