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I am having experience of 6 months in a company. Am I eligible for GSOC? Sibani Sankar Panigrahi 6/20/16
Google Summer of Code 2015 Results and Conclusions Carmine Giglio 5/14/16
Getting started with boost in Codeblocks Karan Kapoor 5/10/16
mailing lists Tarun Anand 5/9/16
Get social with the GSoC meetup mailing list Josh Simmons 5/9/16
What to do for joining gsoc 2017? ashutosh kumar 5/1/16
How to prepare myself for GSoC 2017 Sukalyan Sen 4/29/16
Work according to timeline aswin kumar 4/27/16
Is there any way to change our display name again in GSOC profile Dinuka Desilva 4/25/16
Working on a project out of GSoC Mayank Gupta 4/23/16
Organization removed from GSoC after proposal submission deadline Łukasz Dmitrowski 4/23/16
What does the image on the left of accepted project mean (please see attachment)? Jaskaran Singh 4/23/16
Can not join the accepted GSoC students mailing list Peixuan Ding 4/22/16
Reg: Facility to see selected students by their names Vishwajeet Srivastava 4/22/16
GSoC 2016 Student projects are announced Stephanie 4/22/16
Will the results be published on the GSOC site? Ramesh Singh 4/22/16
Result Timing Subham Mishra 4/21/16
A countdown in dashboard Himanshu Mishra 4/21/16
Time of declaration of results. darthbhyrava 4/20/16
Deadlne for organization Tech Geek 4/19/16
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