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Google Places API Check-In service renamed to Bump Chris Green (Google Employee) 11/1/12
Important: We’re moving our support forums for Maps API technical questions to Stack Overflow Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 2/10/12
Map data updates for the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, and Sweden Chris Broadfoot (Google Employee) 12/8/11
Check your apps: SSL SHA-256 certificate rollout in progress Mark McDonald 7/1/15
How to Increase the Google Places API request limit per day? 1/29/15
Re: Google Places London different results. 2/18/14
Place description 2/14/14
Storing Data from Google Places API Imaster 2/13/14
Google Places API 2/12/14
"REQUEST_DENIED" even all parameters are good 2/12/14
Google places Search Box, manually trigger search Amila Udayanga 12/20/13
Places API status REQUEST_DENIED 7/20/13
Re: [Google Places API] Places Autocomplete API - Tokyo not considered as a city Chris Green (Google Employee) 7/15/13
Re: [Google Places API] how will the limited times(1000 queries) of calling Place API with an API key be calculated Bryce McKinlay 4/7/13
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