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Edit portfolio name stevepardey 7/8/17
some stocks' charts only display for a month or more - days and weeks not available. merlin777 7/8/17
Finance >> Trends >> Popular = BROKEN + always shows "Frontline LTD" Bruce Lee 7/8/17
Portfolio performance graph won't load Don 7/8/17
Function: " Add XXX to my calendars" is not showing events in google calender 4/2/17
TSE:HAC, TSE:HFR, TSE:HFF not returning quote Boyd Kelly 3/31/17
Please add IPO company code Raoul Bedford 3/31/17
Cannot see any data for BlackRock funds Edward Tissiman 3/31/17
How to get Key stats and ratios exported to Google sheets using Google Finance API midhun antony 3/31/17
GOV quote not working at Google but OK at Yahoo John Grefford 3/31/17
How to sort portfolio lists? G N 3/31/17
Warning. Symbol(s) invalid or unsupported. Aniket 3/31/17
I do not see most of the quarterly, monthly, weekly options in option chains CqN on cr-48@devChan-13.0.782.43 2/28/17
Sum up different automated sparklines into one HP 2/28/17
Google Finance Feature Request - Hide Closed Positions David Wojcik 2/28/17
Portfolio can't handle multiple buy-sell transactions in one day David Pietrzykowski 2/28/17
Combine multiple portfolios into single combined overview? platplaas 2/28/17
XIV has not updated price since October 2016 Jack Turner 2/28/17
'Symbol(s) invalid or unsupported' error when adding LON:FRR Richard Edwards 2/28/17
AMARA RAJA BATTERIES (BOM:500008) showing wrong open close data Debanjan 2/18/17
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