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Automatically reinvest dividends? CStarg17 2/11/15
Mutual Fund missing from Google Laurence Samuels 2/10/15
How to sort portfolio lists? G N 1/30/15
Unsupported Stock Symbol: KEYS on NYSE Richard Musterer 1/16/15
Portfolio bug. Cash position plummets. Attempts to deposit additional cash to correct balance fail. Ron Brown 1/13/15
currency exchange rates not updating Mike Reith 1/13/15
gold price Thiago Leobons 1/7/15
DBO ETF ticker issue... Erin Dobbs 12/4/14
Ticker displays wrong % and $ change G Grewal 12/4/14
ASX:MPL Adrian Shiel 11/25/14
Precious Metals Ivan Tan 11/24/14
charts not working for NSE india only prices are moving Anil Melwani 10/20/14
How to position cursor to stock search column foolasiam 10/16/14
Stock Quotes Do Not Update Reliably John C Gilmour 9/25/14
Who calculates Yield most accurately? Doug6388 9/19/14
Google Finance is too creative pete 9/17/14
showing yesterday's charts instead of today's merlin777 9/17/14
Google Finance Portfolio-related news filter not working properly. hierophant 9/16/14
Portfolio Disappeared RTM 8/21/14
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