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New Google Finance is a HUGE disappointment Mike Molesky 4/12/18
Google Finance thinks OIH does not exist 4/12/18
Requirements for new Google Finance Juan F Miguez 4/11/18
Formatting or editing personal Google Finance page Kees Freshfield 4/9/18
Create our new portfolio in Google Finance Michel Bouchard 4/9/18
Trade war or just Google Finance sucks? Brian Allen 4/9/18
How do you pull yields form Vanguard's site? userguymobile 4/9/18
what alternatives are there? richardgarand 4/7/18
Is Google trying to promote Yahoo Finance? richardgarand 4/4/18
Google finance portfolio page Mary Newmer 4/4/18
google charts LAKSHM P.R 4/4/18
go back to old version, thanks sg_IT 4/4/18
Google Finance Portfolios 4/2/18
where is the google stock screener that they used to have? somstein k 4/1/18
New GOOGL Finance is awful please go back to the old version Mike Oliviero 4/1/18
Stop peddling backwards and bring back the old GF version Vicaveba 4/1/18
The new GF rollout is a failure: take it back to development & bring back old GF Pat M 3/31/18
google finance for Hong Kong not working Paul Yip 3/29/18
Equity tickers to link in Google sheet Rondy Yunanda 3/29/18
unable to access portfolio, error message "Something went wrong" 3/29/18
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