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This group is about the DevTools built into Chrome: From Inspect Element through to the suite of debugging, profiling and development tools.

This is for web developers and tool creators only. This is not the right forum for questions about extension APIs, Chrome performance or other Chrome questions. StackOverflow is a great option for those.

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Refresh clears break points, can't set new ones Dave Heq 7/13/15
No horizontal scroll bar on Elements tab Dave Heq 7/13/15
event listener breakpoint for click event Dimitris Papageorgiou 7/11/15
how to read console window messages using javascript ? 7/9/15
Unable to see the __proto__ chain in the debugger for objects with parent/prototype Object.create(null). exercising camel 7/8/15
Watch variables not updated, Non-existing Error codes and an unlabeled flag Claus 7/8/15
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع jami onn 7/7/15
[Request] console.timeEnd to return result Ashley Coolman 7/6/15
All device missing on Mobile Emulator Trần Lâm Nhật Nam 7/6/15
How to access the general headers of http requests in the Network tab of Inspect element in javascript Arhum Savera 7/1/15
Chrome Dev tool changes in css edit mode do not persist anymore Dwayne Neckles 6/30/15
Copy from console without source? Robert Mark Bram 6/28/15
Can no longer copy/paste formatted text from Console? Sergio Pereira 6/27/15
Drag / Drop event listener breakpoints not hit Tony Henrich 6/25/15
How to know quickly which JS scripts are blackboxed? Tony Henrich 6/25/15
Catch Input in Chrome Dev Tools for Dev Tools Extension Kirk Ouimet 6/24/15
High Barrier For Contributing Patches PhistucK 6/23/15
Is there a way to filter out all the 'poll' and 'send' entries in Network tab? Simon Rodgers 6/22/15
Some files don't show up in Sources 6/21/15
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