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This group is about the DevTools built into Chrome: From Inspect Element through to the suite of debugging, profiling and development tools.

This is for web developers and tool creators only. This is not the right forum for questions about extension APIs, Chrome performance or other Chrome questions. StackOverflow is a great options for those.

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Issues with Devtools being dependent on specific serve_rev and Webkit Head commits. Sagar Dhawan 3/18/15
Time taken to received data/DOM rendering Mohan Radhakrishnan 3/17/15
Feature Request: whitespace trimming exercising camel 3/16/15
Timeline memory profiling not displaying in real time anymore? 3/13/15
My edge animate will not load in Chrome unless you push refresh- HELP! ann dominion 3/13/15
retaining path and closure Ivan L 3/13/15
Canary 43 Dev Tools - Network Panel not showing entire url Lenny Leonard 3/12/15
live edit and breakpoints problem Dimitris Papageorgiou 3/11/15
Developer Tools > Device Mode giving trouble with responsive page Fabrizio Ferrari 3/11/15
Can't fully revert edited js file Dave Netz 3/11/15
Re: [Chrome DevTools] image detect as document in network panel 3/10/15
How do I get javascript changes to persist on refresh? Dave Netz 3/9/15
Feature Request: Add Arguments to Scope Variables Jason Laster 3/8/15
Disable"overscroll" like Google Maps do Daniel Sedlacek 3/8/15
Debug Android Stock Browser with Chrome Dev Tools Oren Bilgoray 3/7/15
Looking for extension or plugin or addin which can save Network response information from Chrome browser to a Text file in a local drive without any manual intervention Kiran Kumar Pittampally 3/7/15
breakpoints lost on save Dimitris Papageorgiou 3/5/15
Can't zoom in google debugger Basil Schmid 3/5/15
Preview in network tab parsing response as JSON when HTML is returned Sondre Kjøniksen 3/4/15
Screencast availability Dato Da 3/3/15
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