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[Feature Request] Style Recalculation: Show selectors + time taken Jacob G 3:09 AM
Element Inspect doesnt work properly. Cant select or change any CSS values Koen Klein Meulenkamp 12:29 AM
Chrome 66 and the missing Detached DOM tree items Manuele Dones 12:28 AM
Some problems with dev tools. Andreas Richter 4/22/18
"Map to File System Resources" option missing from pop-up window Tom Himsworth 4/20/18
Can I reuse the build-in devtools controls in my own devtools extension Thorsten Erlewein 4/20/18
Chrome 63 has broken workspaces Tarik Causevic 4/20/18
Right click -> Search on google 4/20/18
Feature Request: Ability to toggle highlight of an element to see its box model in the viewport Manjit Karve 4/19/18
Testing Service Workers > Development > Served via http on a LAN Tim Bradley 4/19/18
One click copy of CSS Peter Dowse 4/18/18
Why aren't all functions displayed in the Record Heap Allocation? Bernard Mizzi 4/18/18
Feature request: add column to network log for *request* headers, not just *response* headers. Ch Ho 4/18/18
Should "Disable Async Stacktrace" option be checked when measuring page performance time vishal gupta 4/18/18
No 401 transactions in DevTools Vadim Yakovlev 4/18/18
HAR file saving blank 4/18/18
Not all network requests show up in dev tools Riv 4/17/18
PHPSESSID shows a date in the past Cristian Radic-Hunter 4/16/18
Setup Documentation horribly out of date James Monroe 4/13/18
How do I directly edit my site with Chrome Dev Tools? 4/13/18
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