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This group is about the DevTools built into Chrome: From Inspect Element through to the suite of debugging, profiling and development tools.

This is for web developers and tool creators only. This is not the right forum for questions about extension APIs, Chrome performance or other Chrome questions. StackOverflow is a great option for those.

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While editing CSS in Sources tab, Dev Tools changes the tab to another file Matt Snow 10:33 AM
An easier way to debug devtools extensions? Raymond Camden 9:53 AM
Changes are not applied to Chrome debugger Pedram Hosseini 7/31/15
Mobile Emulator (Device Mode) Clearing Cookies Andy Speed 7/31/15
Spanish accented characters in Code Editor Andrés de la Paz 7/30/15
Web constantly crashing when openin devTools Sara Alvarez-Ude Garrido 7/29/15
Feedback on embedded CSS property docs within the DevTools Umar Hansa 7/29/15
Timeline - Events categories Daniel Rosa 7/27/15
Mobile Emulator Clearing Cookies Andy Speed 7/27/15
Green screen when Inspect Element is active Gregor Ackermann 7/27/15
Deploying instance of Developer Tools on remote server/appspot. Pankaj Malhotra 7/23/15
help regardiing yellow triangle with exclamation mark Kunal Patel 7/22/15
Features Request: Expanding the DOM Tree & Highlighting Selected Element Features (from Opera Dev Tools) Jasdeep Khalsa 7/18/15
Introducing… The Debugger Protocol Viewer app Paul Irish 7/17/15
Chrome FTP Extension/App for DevTools 7/17/15
How do you debug Sidebar Pane? justin kruger 7/17/15
Is there anyway to create a sidepane within my own panel? 7/15/15
Chrome Version 43.0.2357.134 not auto-parsing valid JSON responses into a tree view 7/15/15
Support for source map sections? 7/15/15
break on attributes modifications after page refresh Jose Andres Alvarez Skinner 7/15/15
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