Google Chrome Developer Tools

This group is about the DevTools built into Chrome: From Inspect Element through to the suite of debugging, profiling and development tools.

This is for web developers and tool creators only. This is not the right forum for questions about extension APIs, Chrome performance or other Chrome questions. StackOverflow is a great option for those.

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This group seems dead - what are the alternatives Morten Høgholm Pedersen 2:42 AM
About FPS's RED bar in the DevTools, RED means FPS is low and CPU usage is high? 7/26/17
Websocket permessage-deflate Thomas Bellos 7/26/17
What happened to the Developer Tools console? Heath Bishop 7/26/17
Is it possible to add/create context menu / menu item in devtools panel? Mirodil 7/24/17
How to trace Google microphone search failure: No Internet connection Larry LACa 7/23/17
X-Frame Options to Deny 7/21/17
Page.loadEventFired can't receive sometimes Shenhuan Zhan 7/20/17
New Float32Array function becomes very slow in chrome? Morakot L 7/20/17
Help with displaying Favicon with Chrome on Android Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 William MacDonald 7/19/17
Jump to source code (typescript) from javascript and backward Morten Høgholm Pedersen 7/19/17
Feature Request - Break on [Violation] Robert Edgar 7/19/17
Paint Profiler in Chrome 60 update. pradhuman rehal 7/17/17
Chrome DevTools Layer Panel gone...? Ethan Lewis 7/17/17
Why is the dragstart event not called in this scenario? Anton 7/15/17
Expose screenshot features in Main Menu? Kayce Basques 7/14/17
Lighthouse pdknsk 7/14/17
Chrome Dev Tools in New Window Keep Migrating Off Screen on Re-Open Joshua Diamond 7/13/17
How to disable loading images which are excluded from mobile website? Sauza sounds 7/12/17
Is it possible to override navigator object attributes in chrome dev tools protocol chaitanya puchakayala 7/12/17
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