Stockholm Go Programming Language Group

Welcome to the Stockholm Go Programming Language Group!

The Go Programming Language is an exciting new programming language built by some engineers at Google. Let's meet up, discuss, and share our experiences using it here in Stockholm, Sweden.

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EUC 2014: All Speakers Up, Free tutorials on 11 June, Early Bird Ends on 9 May Andra Dinu 5/5/14
Erlang User Conference 13-14 June Stockholm: Building Massively Scalable Fault-tolerant systems Andra Dinu 4/25/13
Go Parallel Programming Summer Course Didier 3/27/13
listen to Google Go Developers Andrew Gerrand and Stefan Nilsson Martin Bruse 9/28/12
Interesting blog post Martin Bruse 7/24/12
New meetup! Martin Bruse 7/12/12
Non blocking hash table Martin Bruse 6/29/12
New Meetup group Martin Bruse 6/19/12
Meetup Martin Bruse 6/4/12
Go books for libraries Starfish 3/30/12
Go 1 Released! Kevin Albrecht 3/29/12