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This forum serves users of GlowScript, an easy to use 3D programming environment for JavaScript or CoffeeScript: see

If you would like others to see a program you've written, post a note that starts with "GSDEMO:". Then users can "Search for topics" with the keyword GSDEMO to find such programs.

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New GlowScript forum Bruce Sherwood 2/20/16
Improvements to the compound object Bruce Sherwood 6/19/16
integrating glowscript vpython (javascript) and WebVR sample program (using WebGL) Randy Yang 6/2/16
Random vectors Bruce Sherwood 5/30/16
New convenient syntax for triangle and quad Bruce Sherwood 5/30/16
Minor cosmetic bug in labels Jamie Stotz 5/27/16
Isometric camera view? Jamie Stotz 5/26/16
Typo in documentation for points Frank Noschese 5/24/16
How to get element number of picked object Jamie Stotz 5/23/16
Improved trail behavior Bruce Sherwood 5/21/16
Using LaTeX in VPython Bruce Sherwood 5/20/16
Faster graph plotting Bruce Sherwood 5/19/16
Placing canvases and graphs side by side Bruce Sherwood 5/15/16
proj Jethomas5 5/8/16
Changing account ownership Jim D. 5/4/16
Disappearing user programs? Jim D. 5/4/16
GSDEMO: Continuous Newton's Cradle Evan Biegel 5/4/16
AttributeError: 'vector' object has no attribute 'add' Francisco Gracia 5/1/16
VPython history Bruce Sherwood 4/27/16
Documentation of attach_trail and attach_arrow Bruce Sherwood 4/19/16
Jupyter VPython 0.3.5; Binder Bruce Sherwood 4/9/16
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