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Strange task bar behaviour John Hall 8/6/15
Commit button script Chris Plottke 8/5/15
Configuring diff switches Cycat 8/5/15
Visual Studio 2015 Integration Opus Krokus 8/1/15
How do I get back the right-click Git Bash option in context menu? Dave Heq 6/17/15
Are there any plans to use Git 2.x? Bob 6/14/15
How do you merge selective files with git-merge? Konrád Lőrinczi 6/14/15
can't make it work on Ubuntu 10.04 Ran Shalit 6/2/15
Remote repository with bitBucket using https - can the pw be saved somewhere? Moshe Yalovsky 5/28/15
Error when pushing to bitbucket Moshe Yalovsky 5/28/15
An unhandled Microsoft .NET framework exception occurred in devenv.exe Viktor Briukhanov 5/18/15
Vs2013 integration Wes Jones 5/18/15
using gitextensions with single win7-account for multiple users Peter Schneider 5/18/15
GitExtensions for linux William Bianchini 5/17/15
GitExtensions project: a new dedicated website and hosting for free Alessandro Ronda 5/9/15
Can't clean working directory without removing editor project files Dave Heq 4/28/15
Can't uninstall Git Extensions 2.47.03 4/27/15
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