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Is there a command log? Keith D 6/26/14
GitExtensions doesn't show up in Visual Studio 2012 Robin van Ee 5/30/14
Can't install - permissions issues? Nathan Page 5/30/14
COMMIT_EDITMSG ignored in prepare-commit-msg hook Kusi 5/6/14
startSSL server certificate (connection via https) not recognized - Windows box Laurent PETIT 3/25/14
Pre-commit hook to check JIRA issue reference in commentary text? Lars R 3/25/14
Visual Studio plugin disabled for certain file types Tormod Hystad 3/12/14
Project with submodules: how to manage checkouts? Nova 3/11/14
Italian Translate Devis 3/11/14
Large Files > prevention 3/10/14
How to config gerrit plugins Lams Yi 3/10/14
finding common ancestor of two branches in the main view Assaf 2/26/14
Stage Selected Lines Failed: "Patch does not apply." MattAlex151 2/7/14
Pull '--ff-only' checkbox? Joshua Malcolm 2/4/14
Feature Suggestion: Show real-time pulls for a pushed commit. Groo Developer 1/31/14
Could Delete key be made to work in commit window? Oliver 1/30/14
Where is the optional stash message support? Всеволод Голованов 1/30/14
The 'ResXFileCodeGenerator' code generator crashed. Invalid ResX input. Индарил Шприц 1/28/14
Portable GitExtensions jpouliezos 1/28/14
Switch off auto Pull/Push Jeffry Johnston 1/21/14
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