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Version 2.49 Arkady Shapkin 11/9/16
[question] Linux mode bits support in "Git Bash" Steve Rae 11/23/17
Should you be able to delete file from repo view diff window? Scott F 11/13/17
Unable to view revisions between latest and beginning of a branch Brokenlynx 8/30/17
Change default editor / custom actions Danilo Zanatta 8/8/17
TeamCity integration doesn't work over VPN Всеволод Голованов 8/1/17
How can I let multiple machines to download my Bitbucket repos at a time without login? T Obulesu 7/28/17
Bash not switching to current working directory - Windows/Cygwin Shankar Swamy 7/25/17
VS 2017 Support Phil Sandler 7/13/17
Can't Change remote name to push tags Mike F 6/23/17
conemu 161009a fast configuration - pull/merge log window blank andwan0 5/17/17
How to show console tab in gitextensions? Sven Mcc 4/20/17
Tortoise SVN like list of all changes Marek Fišera 4/10/17
VS2015 not recognizing changes to .js files 3/31/17
Unable to see remote branch 3/24/17
Where is the optional stash message support? Всеволод Голованов 3/22/17
Git Extensions - Extract all the code at a particular commit Emnrd ito 3/1/17
Questions about Git Extensions 2/12/17
OAuth Keys and Cloning Repositories HappyNTH 2/5/17
How to add git to Windows Path after installing GitExtensions 2.49 on Windows 10? Matthis Thorade 2/3/17
Problem pushing to a non master remote branch zimniv 1/24/17
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