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Using git gui to do a rebase Michael Gersten 6/17/18
Trouble with remotes/fetch/pull Michael Gersten 6/16/18
Marking a commit parent as not displayed by default Michael Gersten 6/16/18
(Bug report) gitk "IgnCase" search doesn't work Juan Navarro 6/14/18
GIT as an SCM for DataStage Code Artifacts RamCharan Vemulakonda 6/13/18
The type initializer for 'LibGit2Sharp.Core.NativeMethods' threw an exception Shaobin Li 6/12/18
Git add vs commit Sharan Basappa 6/12/18
Converting from Mercurial to Git and also from ISO-8859 to UTF-8 Tassilo Horn 6/4/18
fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: ?]0; Vinoth Rajendran 6/1/18
git log and missing file Sharan Basappa 5/29/18
Kill process during Git Clone Vinoth Rajendran 5/27/18
What does this error mean: SmartHttp : your are trying to push data without SSL ? 5/26/18
Return Code for Git Commands Vinoth Rajendran 5/26/18
Query regarding Git Patch Set Ravalika 5/24/18
how to make a 'git add --patch' using --word-diff? Joe Cabezas 5/23/18
Re-create git log -p behavior using difftool? Richard Smith 5/17/18
Trying unsuccessfully to merge a branch back into master using egit. Tony Chamberlain 5/12/18
[ANN] Offline-first, decentralized issue tracking for Git* users with SIT Yurii Rashkovskii 5/11/18
Git on Server: Connection String to RAC-Clustered Oracle 12c Database Roaring_Lion 5/11/18
regarding fix on "git clone $there $here" 5/9/18
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