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Finding a string somewhere in a repository after a given commit. Michael Gersten 12:45 PM
Windows git 2.11.0 no longer uses $HOME/_netrc Steinar Bang 1/21/17
Two types of .gitignore cases/files? Michael Gersten 1/19/17
Working with a badly rooted project Michael Gersten 1/19/17
git bundle - Branches are missing after clone Ralf Tobel 1/18/17
git directory/repo structure suggestions ThermoX 1/17/17
"Medium" git: Worktrees, submodules, subtrees Michael Gersten 1/17/17
Noob question: In a large company setting, is it normal to spend 3+ hours a day sorting out git issues? AD S 1/16/17
The remote end hung up unexpectedly - sideband< \3error: Internal server error Matteo Palmieri 1/16/17
git submodules pushing and pulling from multiple servers Brian Davis 1/13/17
Noob question: pushing files to remote repo I get merge errors on files I have not changed. Why is this? AD S 1/12/17
What is the difference between * and \* Fernando Rodriguez 1/10/17
Noob Alert: Question about Forking Dan Morton 1/9/17
Bash Script For Git Clone KANNU CHAWLA 1/9/17
Invalid username or password after password update on OS X Jim Klo 1/6/17
What is exactly happening when a Github pull request gets 'polluted'? AD S 1/5/17
Re: [git-users] Other than gitignore, what could be causing a file to not be pushed to remote repo? Philip Oakley 1/4/17
Not able to fetch code from submodules in a git repo using tag Samit Dutta 1/3/17
git filters PATH Oded Badt 12/28/16
git-apply: do not show *inherited* whitespace errors? Igor Djordjevic 12/26/16
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