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Re: [git-users] what does **/ pattern mean in git? Paul Smith 4/18/14
what does **/ pattern mean in git? 4/18/14
.gitignore isn't ignoring. 4/18/14
How to Install Git 4/18/14
Git and Smart HTTP Matthew Pintor 4/18/14
How to "refresh" my local repo copy. rhugga 4/17/14
merge annotations in BASE file Michael Power 4/17/14
Please confirm my understanding of gitworkflows Chuck Irvine 4/17/14
GIT check out..Very urgent..!!! 4/17/14
Git relative submodule URL doesn't use origin 4/17/14
Git Clone Icon is not diplayes on explorer 4/16/14
Git working with other SCM tools Rick H 4/16/14
git log in XML format Yves Goergen 4/16/14
'git submodule' in hook causes remote: fatal: Not a git repository: '.' Philip 4/14/14
Using git for multiple projects Thomas Beardshear 4/14/14
a basic thing I don't understand about git and Windows7 directories Michael Laird 4/14/14
Having issues with Git and "shortcut sh.exe has been moved or deleted" Jim D 4/13/14
Why is the Mac OS X version always way behind the latest Git version? Bjørn T Johansen 4/13/14
Git subtree push says “everything up to date”, when it's not dunno 4/13/14
Workflow for resurrecting an old program rusi 4/11/14
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