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as.Date on "POSIXct" "POSIXt" christoph.schlaechter 4:29 AM
stat_summary and size David Bess 4/22/14
rOpenSci: make your ggplot2 plots shareable, collaborative, and with D3 M Sundquist 4/22/14
facet_wrap labels mixed up when factor is not in alphabetic order and... (R 3.1.0 ggplot2 Jacqueline Tay 4/21/14
zoom in regions of graph in coord_polar Aaron Zhang 4/21/14
width of the first column in ggpairs with axisLabels Stéphane Laurent 4/21/14
Re: help with error message - very new to ggplot2 Ben 4/18/14
scale of geom_density pharmpk 4/17/14
help for volcano plot qianchen0807 4/17/14
minor tick marks on axis 4/17/14
Need some help - Plotting one subset of a variable / log scale KyDavidDoyle 4/15/14
how to draw this pic - common x axis Youhuang Bai 4/15/14 christoph.schlaechter 4/15/14
Manual color scales in ggplot Eliot Miller 4/14/14
Need some help- tidying my data and calculation for diurnal root growth Kare mahmut 4/13/14
Plotting several columns Dr Eberhard Lisse 4/12/14
annotate selected facets FELIX Lankester 4/11/14
ggmap Map Designs Scott McCain 4/10/14
add legend manually ale 4/10/14
Issues using geom_tile to plot heatmaps Thiago V. dos Santos 4/9/14
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