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merging two different colors with ggplot2 geom_point plot Eric Foss 2/19/18
viewport() missing from ggplot2? David Romano 2/17/18
Getting notified when a ggplot2 plot completes drawing in the device David Lewis 2/17/18
Plotting Expression in Legend Gokul Wimalanathan 2/12/18
multiple legends Troels Ring 2/8/18
Separate binwidths for faceted histogram Tobias Heinrich 2/8/18
plot with power law line function anvar sour 2/8/18
treeclim package ezmetani 2/7/18
qplot() Error: Unknown parameters: span Benny Guo 2/6/18
"Inf" for Discrete Scale Brandon Hurr 2/5/18
ggplot2 always crashes RStudio Thomas Koller 2/2/18
bin2d or similar, with fill aesthetic proportional to percentage _within each vertical strip_ Zack Weinberg 2/1/18
About saving a figure to PDF with delta symbol lily li 1/26/18
Problem with setting number of colours showing using scale_fill_gradientn and guide_colorbar Ka Ming Fung 1/25/18
Strange behaviour of geom_smooth and splines::ns Glenn Stone 1/25/18
Re: plot several data frames Brandon Hurr 1/24/18
Something wrong by combing rotate and stat_compare_means 1/22/18
Adjusting the relative space of a facets (without regard to coordinate space) jshore 1/17/18
Rock classification plot Sergey Malyshev 1/16/18
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