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License question Anne Schlotheuber 2/4/16
tz issues with scale_x_datetime with ggplot2 2.0.0? E Chu 2/3/16
geom_bar(aes(x=facor, y=..density..)) no longer seems to work Peter Sudmant 2/1/16
help with lay-out multiple ggplot2 plots Ellen Pape 1/31/16
Unexpected behaviour in geom_boxplot. Sam 1/29/16
change the order in geom_bar of the stacked variables ale 1/29/16
ggplot box plot with different Y-axis shashank gupta 1/29/16
tearing when plotting polygons with holes jake 1/27/16
direct.label error : Even directlabels manual example is not working John Kane 1/26/16
Resize automatically x axis when limits for the scale_x_continuous() is set Sergio Fernández 1/26/16
color does not work lily li 1/25/16
glmer with qplot zozi9126 1/22/16
GGPLOT: geom_rect and facet MARIA RODRIGUEZ SANZ 1/21/16
ggplot2 - curveGrob - annotation_custom milena stat 1/20/16
R and ggplot2 dashboards online and within Shiny using D3.js Matt Sundquist 1/18/16
position dodge - side by side bars with geom_bar Omar André Gonzáles Díaz 1/17/16
ggraph: Grammar of Graph Graphics Thomas 1/17/16
Half borders (left/bottom axes only) in ggplot2 Rudolf Cardinal 1/12/16
Important questions about creating specific plots for microarray datasets with ggplot2 1/9/16
Overlaying two plots?? WGray 1/6/16
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