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Move y-axis title to top of axis Thiago V. dos Santos 7/1/15
Slightly OT: which order for control vs test group in a graph Abitbol jean-Louis 7/1/15
stat_smooth: parameter specification for formula Keren Raiter 6/30/15
geom_bar - discrete x axis with multiple values per group Jos Demmers 6/29/15
adding the value of a second factor to facet labels WGray 6/28/15
Correct graph size for journal publication waschbaer 6/26/15
Plot death rates by age for successive decades Enzo Pacelli 6/25/15
plotting specaccum{vegan} objects in ggplot2? Arne Erpenbach 6/22/15
Hadley's Book_alpha within the Layer() using qplot in ggplot2 Dottington Fullwood 6/22/15
Manipulating strip text in a single facet title (among many) trichter 6/18/15
Plot borders cutting datapoints and pushing tick marks around rajivkk1 6/17/15
Question on geom_points Lancaster, Vicki 6/17/15
geom_ribbon cutting off weirdly when intercepting with x-axis rajivkk1 6/15/15
Graph with 3 axes Erick Faria 6/15/15
'Calloc' could not allocate memory Sean Rife 6/15/15
How to facet a box plot with binning Timothy Lau 6/12/15
Error: Results must be all atomic, or all data frames Sunny 6/10/15
Changing loess line type Kirch 6/10/15
Multiple line type, facets and color JC Rio 6/8/15
ggplot2 execution instability Hilmar Berger 6/5/15
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