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about different y-axis lily li 11/29/15
insert a plot to ggplot lily li 11/28/15
Plotting means and raw values on a common time scale Sam 11/27/15
Multiple coloring criteria in barplots Domenico Simone 11/26/15
Background graph colours based on a factor value Rob 11/24/15
make one alone legend in ggplot2 lily li 11/23/15
changing legend size and number of columns lily li 11/23/15
guide ordering difficulties Geoff Russell 11/22/15
Large file size when saving ggplot to svg Jonas K 11/21/15
ggplot2 time series with dates on the x-axis kw 11/18/15
Duplicating ggplot2 in the same code Brian Deering 11/18/15
Faceted plot with very wide, short panels, with the labels at the left Zack Weinberg 11/17/15
geom_segment and geom_point ale 11/17/15
Seeking advice on strategy for plotting muliple panels in columns Barry M. Lesht 11/16/15
Interesting geom_area problem ... Geoff Russell 11/16/15
Two DataFrames in one plot - two legends possible? Benjamin Mewes 11/16/15
Annotating bar graphs Geoff Russell 11/11/15
confusion about ggplot and dplyr or others Ming Liao 11/11/15
Combining Marimekko/Mosaic plot using ggplot2 DrunkenPhD 11/10/15
different legends from two different data.frames Assa Yeroslaviz 11/10/15
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