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How to change the default legend show levels in ggplot2? muguangyuze 6:13 AM
How to deal with spaces in my variables? Mouna Belaid 6/25/16
malfunctioning ggplot::theme(legend) in a quite a big function Mehmet Gültaş 6/24/16
how to get a histogram with 10 bins from 0 to 1 Alberto Lusiani 6/20/16
How software R can read an accent while working in French? Mouna Belaid 6/20/16
Argument title.vjust not working in guide_legend Manuel Spínola 6/16/16
How do I make the y-axis intersect the x-axis at 0? Ayala Allon 6/16/16
how to add multiple legends? ggplot2 irving ivann salvador torres 6/14/16
Iterate with a for loop a conditional mapping (e.g. aes(colour>1.5)) with ggplot2 José A. Bartolomei-Díaz 6/13/16
Grouping required! Noor 6/12/16
Fixing the order of entries in a fill-type barchart Zack Weinberg 6/9/16
ggplot2 with loop Jua' 6/9/16
ggplo2 log scale and = mean_se function Luigi Baciadonna 6/9/16
Accessing Internal Objects in Package Development. Nicholas Hamilton 6/8/16
Point and Lines in the PDF created by ggplot will become very small point when edited by illustrator Shicheng Guo 6/8/16
Re: geom_histogram is incorrect...! Roman Luštrik 6/8/16
Create plots dynamically in grid.arrange in R munasur12 6/7/16
Why does the y value stratify like this? Thanks John T 6/6/16
create high-quality plots with ggplot2, modify them using inkscape and embed them in word Ellen Pape 6/6/16
title.vjust is not working in guide_colourbar Manuel Spínola 6/3/16
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