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Ordering legend the same way data is ordered in donut plot 10/19/17
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data.table 10/2/17
how to use a group variable as an argument for stat_function Ross 9/29/17
How to pass an lm function in GGPLOT2 Vikram Rawat 9/29/17
time axis settings for histogram Ery Djunaedy 9/28/17
use of theme_bw Rinchen Wangchuk 9/27/17
(Reshape2) Removing lower and upper %0.5 with Melt function nserdar 9/25/17
draw polygons freeform in ggplot2 9/20/17
New RStudio discussion site Hadley Wickham 9/19/17
Can't install in R 3.2.5 Melina Espinal 9/17/17
complex grouped bar charts lily li 9/17/17
Interactive stacked histogram difficulties Judy Lewis 9/8/17
oma equivalent in ggarrange? Karl Fetter 9/7/17
Several panels per figure. Jim Roper 9/7/17
problems reordering by continuous data on y axis Rachael Antwis 9/7/17
Semi-transparency is not supported Jonathan Koerner 9/3/17
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