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grouping by two factors (geom_line) Christian Rummey 1:29 PM
Translating "level" from stat_density2d to a density or count Stephen Tran 5/14/18
Specifying lower limits of a facetted plot with scale="free" in ggplot2 Kendra Millard 5/14/18
reorder geom_raster ale 4/24/18
Why does geom_bar calculate groupwise proportions? 4/21/18
Double Facet Strip -- Possible? George Pacheco 4/8/18
not all 'y' major labels are shown with scale_y_log10() Stéphane Plaisance 4/5/18
Modify symbols in the legend in a plot mixing geom_point and geom_line Vittorio de martino 3/29/18
change legend order of ggplot in python 3/27/18
geom_point() symbols in the legend Vittorio de martino 3/26/18
column plot with two x axes Héctor Meleiro 3/23/18
Arrange Table and Plot in one ggplot in R Volker Holzendorf 3/22/18
Second y-axis on a log scale? 3/22/18
Legend Sean Simpson 3/22/18
non-numeric argument to binary operator Sean Simpson 3/19/18
Wind rose in map edinhoestat 3/9/18
Separate binwidths for faceted histogram Tobias Heinrich 3/9/18
geom point scale_colour_gradient2 Alina Vodonos Zilberg 3/6/18
object 'node_depth' not found Edgar G. Kozlova 3/5/18
ggplot - x axis discrete variables Al Grasso 3/4/18
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