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add extra legend ale 9/2/15
Footnotes with arrangeGrob Tine Casneuf 9/1/15
ggplot2 expertise survey - final part Jos Demmers 9/1/15
Resources for writing functions that use ggplot2 Bryan Hanson 8/31/15
creating a multi layered plot with different data sources Harish Krishnan 8/30/15
Getting ggplot_build data subsets from a plot layer with aes(color=some_discrete_value) tylerecouture 8/30/15
ggplot2: theme(legend.title) ignores vjust and hjust arguments trichter 8/30/15
Is it possible to combine colour and size scales in legend? Tom 8/30/15
Plotting Zip Codes on a Map ybergquist 8/27/15
geom_point in terms of two 'size' variables Mikołaj Bogucki 8/27/15
Combining multiple legends Crump, Ron 8/27/15
geom_smooth and logistic regression bands Felipe 8/27/15
Change fonts of facet, use subscript KB 8/27/15
Have stat_smooth use larger domain for calculations than displayed tylerecouture 8/26/15
plotting maps with insets and projections Ari L 8/26/15
Shading between 2 lines munasur12 8/26/15
label_facet function zenlines 8/21/15
Using expression in legend labels: d is at least x and less than y Crump, Ron 8/21/15
ggpdotplot sam4hi 8/20/15
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