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Single geom_point on a violin plot? Carl 7:21 AM
split/discontinuous axis? Aaron Mackey 4:53 AM
Map draw +190 longitude Matthias Petri 3:56 AM
Changing the plot/image height in rmd Frank 7/27/16
Plotting many circles with different radii Sara Williams 7/26/16
Code from Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis throws error Pierre Massat 7/26/16
create ggplot2 graphics in Java using R Rubén Turanzas 7/25/16
How to Add Texture to Histogram in ggplot2 钟志强 7/25/16
bootstrapped confidence intervals using dplyr Felipe 7/24/16
Graphing standard-error incorrrect in ggplot v2.1.0? 7/19/16
On geom_point() : Not to "dodge", not to "jitter, but to slide Cy Mallon 7/17/16
drawing maps with ggplot2 in R mokoena france 7/14/16
When faceting with ggplot and plotly the points are plotted in the incorrect facet windows. Andrew Wallin 7/12/16
How can I plot the results of a rolling regression? Luis Cota 7/11/16
geom_jitter Husen Zhang 7/11/16
Shading regions with different "designs" Jake Yeung 7/7/16
Tornado plot manerahul1 7/4/16
about colors in the plot lily li 7/2/16
how to remove the text of sample ids (e.g. Mock_0,Mock_1) in MDS plot from a ggplot2 object Gu 6/30/16
malfunctioning ggplot::theme(legend) in a quite a big function Mehmet Gültaş 6/28/16
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