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Does anyone know the equivalent of panel.lmlineq and panel.text (from lattice) in ggplot2? MEC 1/23/17
Change stacking behaviour in ggplot2 2.2.0 geom_bar not suitable with coord_flip() Claude Vividsky 1/23/17
ggplot pie chart start in anti-clockwise direction while coord_polar(direction=1) Botao Fa 1/18/17
Add legend ggplot2 joao paulo honorato machado 1/17/17
New Package ggbash: A Simpler ggplot2 Syntax Yas 1/16/17
labeling pie chart - strange behaviour in ggplot 2.2.1. igreg 1/13/17
Pie Chart with continuous Z axis. Tristan Goodbody 1/12/17
ggplot facet wrap y axis scale - control of olower bound only 1/10/17
Heatmaps with dendrograms Carsten Kuenne 1/5/17
ggmap problems graphs Juan David Gomez Cadavid 1/4/17
Capital Greek Letters in ggplot legends Rodrigo Plei 1/3/17
Changed stacking behaviour in geom_bar as of ggplot2 version 2.2.0 Claude Vividsky 1/3/17
Adding a title after removed with a theme 1/2/17
Applying different nls models to different facets/groups using geom_smooth Hefin Rhys 1/1/17
about boxplots in R lily li 12/30/16
How to set minor grid line breaks to log2 cycles Hefin Rhys 12/30/16
Month ordering Stephen Peplow 12/29/16
Increase in memory usage while storing plots to png image in R Suparna Jayaprakash 12/29/16
Changes in facet_grid and switch Kim 12/24/16
geom_rect/facet_wrap Emperorfish 12/23/16
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