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DevExpress and Linq support Joey Kulakowski 4/3/14
Business James Tucci 3/26/14
Glimpse Icon only shows when authenticated Miguel Moura 3/21/14
Switch to non-Pop Up mode Denys Denysenko 3/21/14
Significant performance hit calling stored procedure with binary data param Ryan LaNeve 3/13/14
Glimpse.Mvc5 1.5.3 breaks ApiExplorer Todd Smith 3/12/14
Glimpse showing what is going on in another library (dll) Mike 3/10/14
Insights/Analytics in an open source world avanderhoorn 3/5/14
Current Glimpse (1.8.1-1.8.3) causing w3wp to crash Chad Kreimendahl 3/4/14
How do I instrument a call ONLY when Glimpse is enabled? Travis Illig 2/13/14
PreApplicationStartMethod - Tracing Brian Stanforth 2/13/14
How do you use Glimpse with a client-side application? Jason Rodman 2/13/14
Glimpse "calling home"? Justin Pealing 2/12/14
[GlimpseBlog] Glimpse 1.8.3 released - Insights removed avanderhoorn 2/12/14
SOA and Glimpse Ilya Volodin 2/6/14
Testing Glimpse Steve Ognibene 1/31/14
Re: Glimpse Web Forms nikmd23 1/29/14
Possible issue with Glimpse.AspNet 1.6.0 and 1.7.0 and/or Mvc5 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 dependencies Glenn Doten 1/29/14
[Learning] Some help with debugging/breakpoints Karthik S 1/28/14
Glimpse HUD displayed behind WebForms portal elements Nathan Baulch 1/22/14
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