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The Geneva Web Group is an informal community of over 500 people working on Information Management issues with a bias towards internet solutions. This is a forum where people faced by similar challenges can share their experience, tips, tricks and announcements.
You know the drill - the more the members contribute, the more useful a resource it becomes. 

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Forthcoming presentation by James Robertson, renowned Intranet expert - looking for a meeting room! Alex Faundez 2/12/15
Temporary position for a digital communications manager at JTI Tara Townsend Champetier 2/27/15
UNOPS .NET consultant James_tk 2/25/15
Editor specialized on Environment Florin Iorganda - Upwelling 2/20/15
World Information Architecture Day - Free Tickets Adam Ungstad 2/12/15
Hiring web developer / python programmer Ellie Rusack 2/11/15
Lancement d'un débat national sur le numérique / NumeriCH Fred 2/10/15
Looking for Web Develoepr Khurram 2/9/15
Corporate FLICKR and INSTAGRAM Accounts Fred 2/6/15
JS Data specialist wanted - immediate and short-term contract craig.duncan 2/5/15
1 day workshops on audience engagement, social media, web writing and digital identity, 6 March 2015, Geneva Glenn O'Neil 1/29/15
We are looking for a 2 months PHP/mysql development job Fred 1/29/15
World Information Architecture Day - Switzerland Adam Ungstad 1/16/15
A new Web vacancy at WMO (CMS Project Related) Fred 1/16/15
writing and editing for international organizations -- a workshop Andrew Johnston 1/8/15
Intranet re-launch Ernst Decsey 1/6/15
Watch “weather reports from the future” – Lima Climate Change Conference Fred 12/2/14
Video channels not blocked in countries like China Fred 11/28/14
JOB: Consultant, Information Systems Officer, Information Architect craig.duncan 11/26/14
Help wanted for a Peer Assist - Nov 27 - Building a scaleable web platform craig.duncan 11/12/14
World Usability Day 2014 > Thu 13 Nov, Geneva Florian Egger 11/10/14
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