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The Geneva Web Group is an informal community of over 500 people working on Information Management issues with a bias towards internet solutions. This is a forum where people faced by similar challenges can share their experience, tips, tricks and announcements.
You know the drill - the more the members contribute, the more useful a resource it becomes. 

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P4 position in WMO Fred 1:08 AM
Registration now open - IBM Watson presentation on Artificial Intelligence - Thurs June 30 9:00 AM at the Palais des Nations craig.duncan 6/22/16
Heads up - June 30 - Presentation of IBM Watson craig.duncan 6/17/16
Cybersecurity and serious computer games meetup Dejan Dincic 6/14/16
Friend CV recommendation pls Fred 6/7/16
Vacancy (short-term) Drupal developer in Bonn, Germany Jeroen van Dalen 6/6/16
Recommended survey: The Organization in the Digital Age Ernst Decsey 6/3/16
Looking for Drupal Full Stack Developer ChrisM 6/2/16
Looking for a data analyst and a (Drupal) developer (Bonn, Germany) Jeroen van Dalen 5/26/16
UNOCHA looking for Tableau developer James_tk 5/9/16
Heads up - Pangloss Project Party II - next Thursday April 28 - see a 3D chocolate printer in action craig.duncan 4/27/16
Looking for a data assistant Teena Kunjumen 4/21/16
Fwd: Website design/build Robert Dinsdale 4/14/16
Anyone have these skills or interests and would like to share and collaborate? Fraser Hore 4/13/16
Fwd: My Curriculum Vitae Fred 4/5/16
Job opening: Web consultant for 4 months at UNCTAD Alex Faundez 4/1/16
Job opening with OCHA (Information Management Officer) Joel Opulencia 3/30/16
Looking for skilled elearning course-packaging agencies Tom d'Elf 3/30/16
Job opening at Oak Foundation (Digital and print media specialist) Virginia 3/29/16
Looking for a web graphic designer Jane Wallace 3/28/16
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