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The Geneva Web Group is an informal community of over 500 people working on Information Management issues with a bias towards internet solutions. This is a forum where people faced by similar challenges can share their experience, tips, tricks and announcements.
You know the drill - the more the members contribute, the more useful a resource it becomes. 

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Pangloss co-working space - opening party June 1 craig.duncan 5/18/17
Photography - Retouching workshop Olivier Borgognon 5/2/17
Looking for a short-term ECM consultant Adrienne 4/13/17
Drupal? Alex Faundez 4/4/17
Temporary Vacancy (Maternity leave) for a Graphic Designer at ISO Luigi Principi 4/4/17
Programme Officer (Green Climate Fund), RMDP/DRA Fred 3/29/17
Looking for an Information Architect - temporary position Quacchia, Antonella 3/13/17
Short-term consultancy on drought - based in UN ESCAP Bangkok Syed 3/13/17
Looking for an Information Architect at the UN in Bangkok - real job - not a consultancy craig.duncan 3/1/17
Looking for an Information Architect/Content Strategist ellen egan 2/15/17
Looking for Multimedia Officer - full time staff position Massimiliano Leone 2/13/17
jsf / web / elastic search - developer ATS Preeth 2/6/17
Looking for IT Resource Khurram 2/3/17
Anyone using RebelMouse? Alex Faundez 1/31/17
Alexa Web ranking? Fred 1/27/17
Interesting CV Sonia Cabrera Fred 1/12/17
UNOPS consultancy as Technical support assistant - 6 months James_tk 1/11/17
Adobe Muse vs Drupal Virginia 12/14/16
New position in WMO: P-3. PROJECT OFFICER (SECURITY INTEGRATION), ITCSD/REM (1983) Fred 12/7/16
WaterLex is soliciting bids for publishing 2nd ed. Good Practices Compilation. Lynn M Sorrentino 12/1/16
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