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The Geneva Web Group is an informal community of over 500 people working on Information Management issues with a bias towards internet solutions. This is a forum where people faced by similar challenges can share their experience, tips, tricks and announcements.
You know the drill - the more the members contribute, the more useful a resource it becomes. 

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Interesting CV Fred 10/14/16
Looking for a design company to build an interactive prototype monitoring system craig.duncan 10/6/16
Digital engagement strategy - Consultant required Thorsten 9/13/16
Ebook or Flibook experience Fred 9/13/16
Looking for a Drupal back-end developer Antoine Fournier 9/1/16
Consultant wanted - building a country report system craig.duncan 8/25/16
Bartering: Lunch out in exchange for 30 minutes of time on Google Analytics Lynn M Sorrentino 8/19/16
ITC is looking for Web Developer Khurram 8/19/16
Looking for Digital Communications Intern Corinne Perriraz 8/18/16
Senior Web Editor consultancy at IPU 8/12/16
Design Disruptors movie - next Tuesday at the Impact Hub craig.duncan 8/10/16
Mass mailings Robert Dinsdale 8/7/16
Fwd: One Internet. One Society. One Meeting. Are you ready? Fred 8/6/16
WCC job opening: apply by 15 August Annegret Kapp 8/6/16
Temp Job Opening - OHCHR Chinese Web Assistant G5 Alex Souto-Maior 7/28/16
Chief Technology Officer – @SocialWellTech – #Associé – Paris (H/F) 7/26/16
Online video tutorial help needed Betsy Kagendo 7/25/16
WMO Photos Competition Fred 7/19/16
Not Web related by I think important Fred 7/13/16
E-Reputation / Online reputation management 7/5/16
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