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The Geneva Web Group is an informal community of over 500 people working on Information Management issues with a bias towards internet solutions. This is a forum where people faced by similar challenges can share their experience, tips, tricks and announcements.
You know the drill - the more the members contribute, the more useful a resource it becomes. 

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MOOCs, IKM and an apartment SWade-Apicella 11/18/15
Looking for javascript developer available (almost) immediately Andrej Verity (OCHA) 11/18/15
Next GWG: Erik Hartman, on "How to make your CMS work for you" - 4 Dec 2015 @ WHO Headquarters Alex Faundez 11/13/15
Humanitarian ID Authentication service available (ReliefWeb goes live) Andrej Verity (OCHA) 11/10/15
World Usability Day 2015 by Telono | Geneva, Switzerland Alex Faundez 11/2/15
Launch of new series of WMO climate videos by weather presenters for COP-21 / Lancement des vidéos sur le climat par des présentateurs météo à l'occasion de la COP-21 Fred 10/30/15
Paid Intern Job Offer - cyber security projects Mark Miller 10/28/15
U.S. Senate passes controversial cybersecurity bill Cisa 74 to 21 craig.duncan 10/28/15
Job offer for an INTERN @ UNCTAD's IT team Alex Faundez 10/28/15
See Robots, Worm farms and get a 3D scan of your face - Monday at Pangloss craig.duncan 10/19/15
Who can help us build a Drupal 8 website? craig.duncan 10/13/15
RedDot / Open Text consultancy opportunity Ernst Decsey 10/13/15
Developing knowledge strategy: what does this really mean? Ernst Decsey 10/1/15
Looking for an Excel specialist Chris 9/29/15
Looking for IT adminstrator (on chômage or enrolled in SYNI or BNF) Lynn M Sorrentino 9/29/15
Meetup Oct 1: Future of Work - Telepresence Robots craig.duncan 9/29/15
Looking for Graphic Gesigner recommendation David Díaz Martín 9/21/15
RE: {GWG: 2713} Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Frans de Jong 9/21/15
WebApps and other subject PhotoLibrary Fred 9/20/15
we are looking for a digital forensics intern Mark Miller 9/18/15
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