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GEFS-Online Bug Reports

Welcome to the GEFS-Online Bug Reports page!  For suggestions, feature requests and general discussion, please go to the main forum.

Before submitting a bug, please follow these guidelines:
Note that reports that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected.

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GEFS not working in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 TheEquestriaMinecrafter 9/1/15
GEFS Not working jose.os...@gmail.com 7/27/15
I cant download the plugin, it keep showing that there is an error 1603 Eva Air 7/21/15
Gefs Problems Loading gmarre...@gmail.com 7/17/15
Only get zoomed out view of earth - no zoom to airport repub...@gmail.com 7/17/15
why does google earth not work danielc...@gmail.com 7/12/15
i downloaded the GE but the game still showing the message download the GE kommanashanm...@gmail.com 7/6/15
Error loading aircraft file jacques....@gmail.com 6/27/15
Google plugin doesn't work scania...@gmail.com 6/9/15
Joystick Not Working Zev D 6/6/15
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