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my simulator does not have 3D buildings and my plane falls through the ground. 4/7/16
Turning glitch? 3/25/16
When using the Concorde, the landing gear does not deactivate when I press G. 3/14/16
777 Autopilot not working DANIEL S. 2/28/16
It won't start up kristijan siskovski 2/28/16
Find bar comes up when trying to fly. 2/28/16
Controls refuse to respond after autopilot is switched off 2/25/16
keyboard and mouse control doesn't work cause gefs thinks that I'm using joystik 2/13/16
MD-11 Textures Himveryepic 2/11/16
Not Loading. Genranek The Rising Youtuber 2/4/16
Joystick pitch axis incorrect working 2/2/16
Control Preferences not saved after clicking 'save & close again Carlos Vargas 2/2/16
Aircraft becomes partly or completely invisible at landing 2/2/16
Configuration not saved after click save & closed on Carlos Vargas 2/2/16
Intermittent Multi-Player 2/2/16
None of the community contributed aircraft loads successfully on the old GEFS 2/2/16
The aircraft was there but the environment went black and blind. 2/2/16
Community contributed aircrafts on 1/23/16
noise and scenery bug 1/20/16
Problem 1/12/16
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