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Welcome to the Google Code-in Discussion Group.  This group list is for all students, mentors, parents, teachers and anyone interested in Google Code-in to ask questions and for the community to help each other.

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Google Code-in 2015 starts December 7th for students! Stephanie Taylor 10/23/15
Tasks deadlines Anesu M 11/26/15
Choosing a task Collins Nji 11/26/15
What should i must know? Ridhwanul Haque 11/25/15
participating in two separate organisations Collins Nji 11/24/15
Tasks of GCI Srijan Jha 11/22/15
GCI programing language java Srijan Jha 11/22/15
GCI programming language Srijan Jha 11/20/15
Which language should I learn to complete most tasks Rahul Narayanan 11/16/15
Am i eligible to participate? Ariessa N 11/16/15
Mentoring Organizations for Google Code-in 2015 are announced Stephanie Taylor 11/13/15
Best way to approach tasks? Jason Wong 11/5/15
I'll will turn 18 after Code-in starts Husn Shujaat 11/3/15
Open source organizations mihir karbelkar 10/14/15
GCI mihir karbelkar 10/5/15
Re: [gci-discuss] Abridged summary of - 2 updates in 1 topic mihir karbelkar 9/25/15
Google Code in mihir karbelkar 9/24/15
Prizes in UAE Velthy Fernandes 4/3/15
Google Code-in 2014 Grand Prize Winners and Finalists are announced Stephanie Taylor 2/2/15
Mentors's Slow Response To Our Work Akshat Tripathi 1/17/15
Melange feature request Sai Vineet 1/16/15
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