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Welcome to the Google Code-in Discussion Group.  This group list is for all students, mentors, parents, teachers and anyone interested in Google Code-in to ask questions and for the community to help each other.

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T-Shirt Sizes Max Li 4/7/16
Haven't received GCI 2016 T-shirt Philip Chou 3/20/16
Saying Goodbye to Melange Stephanie Taylor 3/15/16
GSoC 2016 now accepting student applications Stephanie Taylor 3/14/16
Prizes info. Venkatesh bellale 3/2/16
Re: [gci-discuss] Digest for - 2 updates in 1 topic Aaron Raimist 3/2/16
Picture of t-shirts or hoodies Archie Buissink 3/1/16
Hard copy of participation certificate Husn Shujaat 2/21/16
prizes shubham rohila 2/21/16
Digital Certificates Nastya Kostiv 2/12/16
Not getting any Email updates on GCI 2015 Shreyas Sanghvi 2/11/16
GCI 2015 Winners and Finalists announced Stephanie Taylor 2/8/16
Declaration of Finalists and Winners Baidya 2/4/16
Suggestion: Leaderboard Julian Engel 1/31/16
Teacher enrolling students tucho mendez 1/28/16
Re: [gci-discuss] Digital Certificates Stephanie Taylor 1/26/16
Final Hours to submit your GCI tasks Stephanie Taylor 1/26/16
Submitting task after the deadline Isaak Cheong 1/25/16
Leaderboard Ahmed Samaligui 1/25/16
Re: [gci-discuss] Mentor didn't check my task Stephanie Taylor 1/23/16
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