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Welcome to the Google Code-in Discussion Group.  This group list is for all students, mentors, parents, teachers and anyone interested in Google Code-in to ask questions and for the community to help each other.  You can also visit the site for more information on the contest.

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Caffe demo website crashes siddharth khare 1/8/17
GCI Reminders for final 9 days of contest Stephanie Taylor 1/7/17
Do Beginner Tasks count towards prizes? GamingBookwyrm 1/4/17
GCI Organisation Tasks Deepti sharma 12/31/16
Withdraw Srijan Jha 12/28/16
Re: What happens when there are no more tasks left? August Van De Ven 12/26/16
Parental Consent Form Approval Deepraj Pandey 12/6/16
About submitting the file 12/6/16
How do I know if im in? Harshmellow 12/5/16
KStars for mac Siddharth Nayak 12/5/16
Says that I finished my 2 beginner tasks but only did one. 12/5/16
Parental Application Manan Dua 12/5/16
How i work Ashish Singh Yadav 12/3/16
Task enquiry Siddharth Nayak 12/3/16
K stars website Siddharth Nayak 12/2/16
Time for task to be verified as completed Im Coco 12/1/16
making a blog post share on social media tushar patel 12/1/16
Task Duration Ivan 12/1/16
Possible bug ? (ASAP) Demetris Konstantinou 12/1/16
Resource Pack for the Google Code In Stanford L 12/1/16
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