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Welcome to the Google Code-in Discussion Group.  This group list is for all students, mentors, parents, teachers and anyone interested in Google Code-in to ask questions and for the community to help each other.  You can also visit the site for more information on the contest.

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Forfeit t-shirt Balakrishnan Komi 8:17 AM
Incorrect Shipping Name Abhinav Kaushlya 2/23/18
Highest Tasks 2/21/18
Tshirt Nayan Jindal 2/21/18
Shipping company not sent Tracking number Vansh Sharma 2/16/18
Didn't get the tracking number Abhinav Raj 2/16/18
Prizes Abhinav Raj 2/16/18
Can I use certificate for school? It's Me! 2/13/18
Regarding mentors Abhinav Raj 2/12/18
Will mentors get t-shirt and certificates? Nitanshu Vashistha 2/11/18
Archive John 2/7/18
Google Code-in 2017 Winners and Finalists announced Stephanie Taylor 2/1/18
email about digital certificate and tshirt was disappear Rayno Sebastian 1/28/18
No Statistics Yet 1/28/18
Email notification for winner or finalist Gautam Jajoo 1/28/18
When we will that email come? 1/23/18
Informations in the future Mateusz K 1/16/18
One more task pls Sneha Devaraj 1/16/18
Tasks Completed 1/16/18
Can I reclaim a project? 1/16/18
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