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May GLUG meetup Padraic Harley 5/1/12
Any Network Engineers? Shane Killian 5/1/12
kernel patching/committing how-to article Gerard Ryan 5/1/12
ITAG group on LinkedIn: Of interest to GLUGgers? John Breslin 4/23/12
Re: Galway Python Meetup Padraic Harley 4/12/12
glug night Nicola Di Marzo 4/10/12
Linux audio conference 2012 Nicola Di Marzo 4/10/12
ubuntu studio Nicola Di Marzo 4/2/12
Re: [091labs-private] "Linux"+Pub night Padraic Harley 3/8/12
Next GLUG meeting - March 7th at 8pm Padraic Harley 3/7/12
Anyone meeting tomorrow? Gerard Ryan 2/1/12
Mozilla Ireland meetup this Wednesday Padraic Harley 10/31/11
Help with Debian Packaging Carles 10/10/11
Lfs AntóinÓg 10/5/11
This wed @ 8pm AntóinÓg 10/3/11
Does this group still exist and have members who read the mails AntóinÓg 9/20/11
back in Galway - wine installation problem Algoldore 6/9/11
[JOBS] Senior Integration Engineer Andrew Gallagher 5/30/11
091labs - Linux group Carles 6/23/10
0911labs presents: John Breslin on The Social Semantic Web, Hotel Meyrick, 20/4 7pm Sebastian 4/14/10
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