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HP Galway Jobs shabba 9/16/13
prism-break Nicola Di Marzo 6/23/13
Re: [galway-lug] Abridged summary of - 2 Messages in 1 Topic Algoldore 6/5/13
creating Windows 7 installation USB from Ubuntu 12.04 and failing ... Algoldore 5/29/13
Handy aliases Carles 5/27/13
Debian wheezy stable available today! Nicola Di Marzo 5/5/13
[event-request] Python workshop on GTK+ or Qt Padraic Harley 4/4/13
Decembeers on December 12th? Padraic Harley 12/10/12
Next GLUG - November 7th Padraic Harley 10/30/12
091 Labs has moved! Padraic Harley 10/19/12
It's that time again - GLUG tomorrow! Padraic Harley 10/3/12
How to build packages Nicola Di Marzo 9/7/12
September 5th meeting - distro night Padraic Harley 8/29/12
Old GLUG list Gerard Ryan 8/22/12
Fwd: Re: [tog] BSP in Dublin, take II Padraic Harley 8/16/12
Ubuntu studio 12.04 Nicola Di Marzo 7/22/12
Encrypting external HDD backups - suggestions? Aaron Hastings 7/12/12
vintage vi/vim cheat sheet Nicola Di Marzo 7/12/12
Are we meeting tonight? Gerard Ryan 7/6/12
Freenode pruning inactive nicks tomorrow Gerard Ryan 6/15/12
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