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Demo night tomorrow (Oct. 20) daniel.crisman 10/25/15
Interest probe: CNC router with 4'x8' working area. Allen Rout 10/23/15
Startup weekend (starts today) matteroflight 10/23/15
A little parody to lighten the mood Paul Rosenberger 10/22/15
Remove dry-rotted wood until you see the floor below Brian Bartholomew 10/18/15
FreeCAD matteroflight 10/15/15
GatorLUG Meeting | 2015-10-21 | 6-8pm | Javascript language tooling with Ben Woodruff Martin in Gainesville 10/15/15
FAMIlab came by last night... Allen Rout 10/14/15
The weather is perfect, anyone want to melt some aluminum? Christopher Hoffman 10/13/15
Startup Weekend Gainesville deal ending in 12 hours matteroflight 10/11/15
A really interesting tensegrity application Allen Rout 10/10/15
Voting & Open House at Skillhouse tonight daniel.crisman 10/6/15
Bringing my studio lights to the hackerspace! Christopher Hoffman 10/1/15
Solid-fueled ION engine with really good specific impulse. Allen Rout 10/1/15
October 9-11 Blacksmithing in Ocala matteroflight 9/29/15
JavaScript Meetup Eran Schoellhorn 9/24/15
cut PVC pipe down the middle GRB352 9/23/15
SwampSec Security Meetup - 9/23 @ 7pm John Sawyer 9/23/15
free to a good home Austin 9/22/15
I made a VIDEO! :P Allen Rout 9/22/15
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