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Liza, please ping me with your email address Randy Fischer 5/17/16
Demo night tomorrow, May 17 daniel.crisman 5/16/16
Fwd: tricycle Christian von Kleist 5/6/16
Starship bridge simulator GRB352 5/5/16
3D print primer damion.habeck 5/5/16
FPGA Class Discussion Daniel Crews 5/5/16
Open house, new member vote & board meeting tonight. daniel.crisman 5/5/16
Job opening: UFIT linux systems team. Allen Rout 5/2/16
Guerrilla guide to CNC machining, mold making, and resin casting Randy Fischer 4/29/16
biking shoes barbara beck 4/26/16
Workshop: Basics of CAD event has been created! Christopher Hoffman 4/26/16
Hmmm. I've got a big chainsaw. Allen Rout 4/25/16
OK, here's something I could do. Allen Rout 4/24/16
Casting a Lathe Out Of Concrete GRB352 4/21/16
Onshape/CAD Basics tutorial on Wed, April 27th. What time works best for people? Christopher Hoffman 4/21/16
Animated CAD videos of 2100 mechanical devices. Randy Fischer 4/20/16
Inexpensive quad I was flying at hackerspace linkages 4/20/16
Demo night tonight Tuesday April 19 daniel.crisman 4/19/16
Probe for interest: wood lathe class? Allen Rout 4/18/16
Demo night next Tuesday April 19 daniel.crisman 4/14/16
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