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I have moved the guitar. Allen Rout 4/6/16
New Camera and Wireless Lavilier Mic: Lets record stuff! Christopher Hoffman 4/6/16
Annual meeting tonight 19:15 daniel.crisman 3/31/16
Arduino Robot Project GRB352 3/22/16
skillhouse domain expired Thomas Royal 3/22/16
Space clean up Frank Lowry 3/21/16
AI robot programming game Daniel Bui 3/20/16
CORRECTION: Blind-leading-blind welding BACK ON. Allen Rout 3/19/16
Biometric wearable devices Daniel Bui 3/18/16
No blind-leading-blind welding this weekend, after all.. Allen Rout 3/18/16
Making (single sided) PCB's with Fireball router GRB352 3/18/16
Star Wars Rocking (Horse) Speeder Rick Fabiani 3/17/16
Squee! I want one! Allen Rout 3/17/16
DIY dentistry damion.habeck 3/16/16
Fwd: Parking in the Sun Center Parking Lot Update Christian von Kleist 3/16/16
Fwd: GatorLUG Meeting | 2016-03-16 | 6-8pm | Research Computing Linux Infrastructure | Jon Akers Martin in Gainesville 3/16/16
Demo night tomorrow daniel.crisman 3/14/16
Onshape now has free CAM, Laser cutting and 3D Printing toolpath generation! Christopher Hoffman 3/14/16
Resonance demo. Allen Rout 3/13/16
SOHO Network/Asterisk help needed Joe DiPietro 3/12/16
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