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Tutorials on open source gate array design language for software defined radio Brian Bartholomew 1/9/15
Playing with Rubens' Tube tonight at 8 Christopher Hoffman 1/7/15
Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks, so longeth my soul for thee, o WIFI Allen Rout 1/6/15
Proposed change to the bylaws. Allen Rout 1/6/15
Meeting; Board meeting; new member, new voting member? Allen Rout 1/6/15
Anybody want to play with MIT? Allen Rout 1/4/15
Making a Rubens' (fire) Tube on Sunday? Christopher Hoffman 12/29/14
Conference table dis7ant 12/28/14
scopes and such dis7ant 12/28/14
Ice sphere last day on kickstarter daniel.crisman 12/24/14
Fwd: 2000 Ohm resistor Allen Rout 12/23/14
Sony Job dis7ant 12/22/14
List fill in and check website? daniel.crisman 12/22/14
new members; new voting members... Allen Rout 12/21/14
Keep Hackerspace door locked, pls? Christian von Kleist 12/21/14
Speaking of bandwidth... Allen Rout 12/20/14
Demo night tonight at 7:00 daniel.crisman 12/16/14
Gainesville OWASP Chapter meeting on December 16th Laura Guazzelli 12/15/14
New Printer in action in the space. Allen Rout 12/14/14
Vector format skillhouse logo? Allen Rout 12/13/14
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