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FPGA Demo Tuesday 7PM Daniel Crews 7/16/16
Large Syringes needed GRB352 7/15/16
stencil of text Mark Venzke 7/8/16
vending GRB352 7/3/16
removal of my trike Mark Venzke 6/15/16
Hey guys, I put my dues in an unmarked envelope on Open House night, then promptly lost it Chris Holcomb 6/8/16
Robots will run Phoenix McDonalds Mark Venzke 6/1/16
amazon prime mega deal on 3d printer filament GRB352 5/29/16
Molten Aluminum Vs Steak GRB352 5/28/16
Kilns... damion.habeck 5/27/16
Head em' up (Move 'em on!) Move 'em on (Head em' up!) Rawhide! Brian Bartholomew 5/25/16
GRIP at UF Randy Fischer 5/24/16
CNC machine troubleshooting Liza Kholodkova 5/24/16
Free kilns damion.habeck 5/23/16
Geohashing Day daniel.crisman 5/21/16
Jim, what's your email? Randy Fischer 5/18/16
FYI Power Out Daniel Crews 5/18/16
Liza, please ping me with your email address Randy Fischer 5/17/16
Demo night tomorrow, May 17 daniel.crisman 5/16/16
Fwd: tricycle Christian von Kleist 5/6/16
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