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What are our goals for the Hackerspace? Bring your ideas/suggestions/etc! Christopher Hoffman 4:36 AM
Vote, meeting and open house tomorrow daniel.crisman 4:32 AM
County Surplus Property Auction Joe DiPietro 11/30/15
pizero matteroflight 11/26/15
December 1: moveable feast? Allen Rout 11/24/15
Mechanical pictures 11/17/15
GatorLUG Meeting | 2015-11-18 | 6-8pm | Contributing to Open Source Software, Panel Discussion Martin in Gainesville 11/16/15
Demo night Tuesday November 17 daniel.crisman 11/16/15
A stupid Arduino question Cutter Jeff 11/12/15
energy bike matteroflight 11/11/15
Projector for this Thursday? Christian von Kleist 11/10/15
Coal? Randy Fischer 11/9/15
Voting & Open house tonight daniel.crisman 11/3/15
Re: Digest for - 3 updates in 2 topics David Nordstedt 10/29/15
YourDuino.Com - MakerSpace Tour - SouthEast USA Mauricio 10/29/15
Free Movie on Monday Nov 2, The Singularity is Near! David Nordstedt 10/28/15
Alternator wanted barbara beck 10/27/15
Demo night tomorrow (Oct. 20) daniel.crisman 10/25/15
Interest probe: CNC router with 4'x8' working area. Allen Rout 10/23/15
Startup weekend (starts today) matteroflight 10/23/15
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