Welcome to the discussion group for the FSharpx project. FSharpx has the goal of providing common functionality to F# developers that's missing from the F# core and PowerPack.

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RE: [fsharpx] Moving fsharpx to http://github.com/fsprojects Ryan Riley 1/19/14
Moving fsharpx to http://github.com/fsprojects Don Syme 1/19/14
Powerpack migration Dave Thomas 5/2/13
where can I find docs for fsharpx Mo Chen 2/24/13
RE: [fsharpx] Re: where can I find docs for fsharpx Ryan Riley 12/29/12
StructuredXml type provider error Christopher Atkins 10/15/12
License terms for FSharpx cna 10/11/12
RE: [fsharpx] Using themes with FSharpx Gustavo Guerra 10/10/12
Using themes with FSharpx cna 10/10/12
FSharpx.Core.Datastructures default format? Jack Fox 9/19/12
RE: [fsharpx] FSharpx.Core.Datastructures default format? Ryan Riley 9/17/12
F# and the JVM Ryan Riley 9/3/12
Typeclasses merge. Gustavo Leon 9/3/12
Adding Datastructures? forki23 8/17/12
Packaging on nuget Ryan Riley 8/8/12
Unable to build or run sample projects. Shane Delmore 7/26/12
How do I properly call a F# function from WPF? Shane Delmore 7/21/12
JSON type provider Mauricio Scheffer 6/12/12
Fail to build TypeProvider Celso Axelrud 5/28/12
RE: [fsharpx] Adding Datastructures? Ryan Riley 5/2/12
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