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is the oldest and one of the most sophisticated Open Source EMR (electronic medical record) product available.  To date, there have been over 81,000 total downloads.  FreeMED is being sucessfully implemented in a number of clinical settings around the world including large government hospitals to small private practices.  The FreeMED community wants you to be one of the many users to sucessfully implement and promote our Open Source EMR.  Please use this support forum to post your questions regarding FreeMED usage. Your question will be addressed immediately.  If you are a developer, please request membership in our FreeMED Development Google Group.  We welcome your participation to make our package even better.

Please check out these helpful links:
FreeMED Home Page                                                                    Complete FreeMED v0.9.0 Development Environment - 2.5 GB file
Visual Users Manual                                                                      FreeMED Feature Request Site and BugTracker  
FreeMED v0.8.5 Installation and Configuraton on Debian 6.0             FreeMED v0.8.5-VMware Image installation instructions for Mac OSX
FreeMED v.0.8.5 Installation and Configuration on Ubuntu 14.04      FreeMED v0.8.5-VMWare Image installation instructions for Windows
FreeMED v0.9.0 Installation and Configuration on Debian 6.0
Commercial Support for FreeMED

FreeMed Demonstration Sites: v0,8.5 and v0.9.0   (First time users click on Information regarding this site )
Log in with demo/demo at both sites.

Google Groups: Support, Development, Internationalization

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