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SeaGL 2015 announcements Ted Cox 7/1/15
[Free Geek Seattle] Help move stuff out of FGSea (FCS) elcaset 6/30/15
Re: yea or nay? Apparently it's 'nay'. koanhead 6/22/15
June FGSEA meeting via IRC Jon Madamba 6/8/15
Fwd: Pacific Science Center - Tinker Tank - Volunteers Needed Lee Fisher 6/8/15
next training class 6/5/15
Hello again koanhead 6/1/15
Desktops Mike Dierken 5/22/15
Workshop status? Lee Fisher 5/20/15
Notes from 2015-05-11 meeting Mike Dierken 5/11/15
Will not be there tonight Jon Madamba 5/11/15
Free Geek Seattle- yea or nay? koanhead 5/9/15
Proposed amendment to bylaws koanhead 5/9/15
announce: Saturday Workshop Lee Fisher 5/9/15
announce: Monthly Meeting is Monday Lee Fisher 5/8/15
Wiki front page organization Ted Cox 5/7/15
Meeting announcements Ted Cox 5/7/15
Special Board Meeting - May 3rd, 10am at ALTSpace Dan Ryan 5/6/15
list of things we need help with... Lee Fisher 5/4/15
Free Geek Seattle needs FSF supporters Lee Fisher 5/3/15
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