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Fwd: Tacoma TechOps: DIY Build-a-Workstation event Lee Fisher 4/6/17
Deleted my and FGSEA githubs koanhead 3/1/17
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Tech4Good Lee Fisher 9/27/16
Fwd: SnowCo Makerspace Re-Opening Open House, Sat 11:30a-3:30p Lee Fisher 8/14/16
Free-Computer-Workshops-for-Adults meetup Lee Fisher 7/11/16
Open Building Institute's Kickstarter Lee Fisher 7/1/16
Fwd: [CTAB] Tonight, Wednesday June 8th: Protecting Yourself and your Privacy in the Digital Age koanhead 6/8/16
Fwd: [SeattleTech] laptops Lee Fisher 5/27/16
Free Geek Seattle is a verb koanhead 5/20/16
Maker Core application open for usmmer Lee Fisher 4/4/16
Seattle Education Acccess Lee Fisher 3/11/16
fyi: Teaching Tech Together, Puget Sound Region Lee Fisher 3/4/16
NEED HELP!! 1/5/16
hardware exchange meetup Lee Fisher 11/11/15
stuff going on, and soliciting ideas koanhead 11/8/15
20150914 meeting summary koanhead 9/17/15
Are we meeting tonight? 9/14/15
org meeting tonight 1930 at 3rd Place koanhead 8/10/15
Registered Agent for FGSEA corp koanhead 8/10/15
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