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Deprecating Foursquare API Versions 20120609 and Earlier David Hu 2/21/14
Requiring a Version in the Foursquare API David Hu 11/18/13
Retiring check-in replies David Hu 10/11/13
Developer forum moving to StackOverflow: now announcement-only. Akshay Patil 11/16/11
Foursquare 2012 Hackathon: Connect all the Apps (November 3rd) Akshay Patil 11/4/12
Global venues search: "intent=global" for /venues/search Akshay Patil 9/11/12
API endpoints for managing pageupdates now available Akshay Patil 7/31/12
Changes coming to foursquare's "here now" feature Akshay Patil 7/23/12
venueId to be a required field for checkins/add in two weeks Akshay Patil 7/19/12
Tagging Facebook OpenGraph stories with foursquare places Akshay Patil 7/2/12
Connected Apps developer preview Akshay Patil 6/29/12
#allnew4sq API changes coming to version 20120609 and higher Akshay Patil 6/8/12
New foursquare API outbound IP ranges (Important for firewalled Push API consumers) Akshay Patil 5/4/12
Announcing near= in api and geo/geocode David Blackman 4/5/12
Changing domains for user photos Akshay Patil 3/21/12
New duplicate check-in merging logic Akshay Patil 2/16/12
venues/search finally accepts multiple categoryIds Akshay Patil 2/6/12
New year, new endpoints Akshay Patil 1/20/12
Email verification woes? E-mail us for resolution Akshay Patil 12/15/11
Releasing limited "backdated check-in" functionality Akshay Patil 12/7/11
Creators of Home Venues can now receive Venue Push API notifications Akshay Patil 12/5/11
Updated foursquare attribution guidelines Akshay Patil 12/2/11
Developer site redesign -- rejoice! Akshay Patil 11/30/11
How to efficiently obtain the parent category of a venue from a checkin? Dimi 11/16/11
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