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Requesting dynflow 0.8.31 Release Eric Helms 3:27 PM
Current State of Nightlies Eric Helms 3:01 PM
Sharing and idea: VMWare VIX instead of DHCP for vCenter VM's provisioning Evgeny Vasilchenko 2:39 PM
Found In Version Katello Redmine custom field Andrew Kofink 10:47 AM
Vendorizing or Building RPMs Eric Helms 6:50 AM
Changes to test_develop and PRs Eric Helms 5:54 AM
Availablity of Dirk Götz 10/13/17
Redmine available over HTTPS Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 10/13/17
Redmine running slowly Greg Sutcliffe 10/12/17
Best Advanced Practices for Puppet Packages to Foreman 1.7.1-0 Development Server Ubuntu Lisa Kachold 10/12/17
1.17 Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 - Missing Dashboard Menu MouseOver Drop Downs && "Host Configuration Status widget loading".. Never Completes Lisa Kachold 10/12/17
Jenkins over HTTPS Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 10/12/17
1.16 RC2 preparation Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden 10/12/17
Bundler is unable to solve deps for fresh checkout Lukas Zapletal 10/11/17
FOSDEM / CfgMgmtCamp 2018 - Call for Presentations! Greg Sutcliffe 10/11/17
Re: [foreman-dev] Adding npm dependencies to foreman plugins (katello) oprazak 10/10/17
Proposed drop of supporting ruby 2.0 in hammer Tomas Strachota 10/10/17
Foreman develop brakeman report Lukas Zapletal 10/10/17
Katello UX nitpick - Sync Status Lukas Zapletal 10/9/17
Community-developed Ansible modules for Foreman API objects Greg Sutcliffe 10/6/17
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