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some cron jobs ( i.e. reports:expire ) launch delete queries that lock some tables Santi Nuñez-Cacho 12:41 AM
Way to control bindings of foreman-proxy? Austin Smith 4/18/15
foreman-admin tool Adam Price 4/18/15
Re-using foreman-installer-modulesync Eric Helms 4/16/15
Planed usability changes for parameters Ori Rabin 4/16/15
Foreman deployments design Tomas Strachota 4/16/15
Katello & Foreman Packaging Stephen Benjamin 4/15/15
puppet 4.0.0 release Josh 4/15/15
[Foreman provisioning] Provisioning re-design proposal Shim Shtein 4/15/15
Passenger and stdout/stderr Lukas Zapletal 4/15/15
scl yum repo CA untrusted in Rackspace? jsherril 4/14/15
Hosting the foreman CI jos at Karanbir Singh 4/14/15
test_develop is red (#10123, Api::V2::ExternalUsergroupsControllerTest) Dominic Cleal 4/13/15
1.8.0-RC3 and final release Dominic Cleal 4/13/15
Tracker issue for Readme notes for 1.9 Lukas Zapletal 4/13/15
Using cloudinit data (user_data template) with vmware Francois Herbert 4/12/15
foreman-infra instance upgraded Dominic Cleal 4/10/15
foreman-proxy and MCollective using Standard Deployment Trey Dockendorf 4/10/15
Should users in an organization see objects set to no organization? (1.8 blocker) Daniel Lobato 4/9/15
1.8.0-RC2 and beyond (EOW 2nd Apr) Dominic Cleal 4/9/15
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