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Smart proxy, Puppet and Ruby 1.8.7 Ivan Necas 8/28/15
Foreman Remote Execution plugin available in nightlies and a deep-dive invitation Ivan Necas 8/28/15
Plugins: upgrading deface to 1.x Dominic Cleal 8/27/15
customizing "views" of resources Tom McKay 8/27/15
Unused branch cleanup in foreman core 8/27/15
Database hiccup today on theforeman/foreman:develop Daniel Lobato 8/26/15
[FOREMAN] fixes #11577 - Add additional volume to Openstack Andre Mosin 8/26/15
Open regression tickets (1.9, 1.10) Dominic Cleal 8/26/15
Redesigning provisioning screen for discovery Lukas Zapletal 8/25/15
puppet parameter deprecation jsherril 8/25/15
Migration of RPMs to tfm SCL Dominic Cleal 8/23/15
Dracut/Anaconda static network setup Lukas Zapletal 8/23/15
Foreman Community Demo Items Eric Helms 8/22/15
How to deb package foreman / upgrade from 1.6.3 to custom 1.9.0 Ryan Dyer 8/21/15 cleanup Dominic Cleal 8/21/15
PXE-less Discovery demo on Hangouts (today 3PM CET) Lukas Zapletal 8/20/15
Koji foreman-plugins-nightly-nonscl-rhel* tags Dominic Cleal 8/19/15
Underscore.js Tomer Brisker 8/19/15
UI "tech preview" option? Tom McKay 8/17/15
Upcoming release schedules Dominic Cleal 8/17/15
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