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Plugins: upgrading deface to 1.x Dominic Cleal 8/2/15
Foreman Community Demo Items Eric Helms 7/31/15
Foreman 1.9.0-RC3 schedule Dominic Cleal 7/31/15
Katello Packaging Work Complete Eric Helms 7/30/15
Help with testing PR on oVirt Tomas Strachota 7/29/15
"Not yet reviewed" + "Waiting on contributor" Dominic Cleal 7/29/15
Plugins release automation Daniel Lobato 7/29/15
Active-Active Foreman Instances Chris 7/25/15
1.9.0 and 1.8.3 issues Dominic Cleal 7/24/15
puppet 4.x support Roman Iuvshin 7/23/15
[Host unification] Introducing aspect-based design to Host model 7/23/15
Pull Request for Downstream Translations: Hammer-cli bk 7/22/15
Help with API - Store Undercloud Username/Password Jason Rist 7/22/15
Organization and Location for new resources Lukas Zapletal 7/22/15
Katello puppet modules stephen 7/21/15
Katello 2.3 RC Status stephen 7/20/15
Broken API Stephen Herr 7/20/15
Smart Proxy DNS plugins Dominic Cleal 7/18/15
Re: [foreman-dev] Compute Resource for vCloud Director Dominic Cleal 7/17/15
More Foreman systest jobs Dominic Cleal 7/17/15
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