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New Compute Resource Provider (OpenStack V3 Identity API) Matthew Ceroni 11:17 AM
Katello/hammer-cli-katello - Nominating Andrew and Zach for commit access bbuckingham 10:48 AM
Rubocop cops in Foreman David Davis 10:27 AM
Foreman's birthday / 1.12 release celebrations - July 2016 Greg Sutcliffe 8:52 AM
Foreman Discovery Image for ARMv7 Robert Rittenhouse 6/27/16
Foreman discovery image VLAN support patch Lukas Zapletal 6/27/16
Foreman discovery powering off on particular Dell system Lukas Zapletal 6/23/16
flot.js seems dead Tomer Brisker 6/22/16
hammer_cli_foreman_openscap oprazak 6/21/16
[katello] Keeping track of current dev environment status John Mitsch 6/17/16
httpd fails to start after being updated Chris Roberts 6/16/16
Katello command line interface/hammer supplement Yoram Hekma 6/15/16
[Katello] weekly issue triage meetings? jsherril 6/14/16
[event] Deep Dive - Debbuging Slow SQL with Chris Duryee - today, 3.30pm BST Greg Sutcliffe 6/14/16
Deprecate EL6? Dominic Cleal 6/14/16
CodeClimate on Foreman core PRs Daniel Lobato 6/14/16
Forklift Updates Eric Helms 6/13/16
Foreman Sentry plugin Brandon Weeks 6/13/16
Nominating Timo Goebel for theforeman/foreman commit access Daniel Lobato 6/10/16 seems to be down... Daniel Helgenberger 6/10/16
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