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pulp-2.10 arriving soon... is it missing anything? Tom McKay 9/22/16
Content View Version Comparison RFC and mockups John Mitsch 9/22/16
Request write access to katello-installer 9/22/16
Automated capsule install in development added to Forklift John Mitsch 9/22/16
Hammer Development Box Andrew Kofink 9/22/16
Need reviewers: Lukas Zapletal 9/22/16
Changes to PR tests on Foreman repo Dominic Cleal 9/22/16
smart-proxy plugin installation failure lakier 9/20/16
Extend Foreman Facets to Allow Adding Included Attributes Andrew Kofink 9/20/16
Creation of menu Aditya Gupta 9/20/16
Freeze edits on a host? Thomas Fee 9/20/16
[katello] pipeline maintainer sign-up sheet cduryee 9/19/16
Mentoring projects Anurag Patel 9/19/16
Menu items case style David Davis 9/17/16
subscription-manager register fails during import facts due to interface Tom McKay 9/16/16
Missing frozen string literal comment Rubocop warnings Lukas Zapletal 9/15/16
Foreman Community Demo Items - Thu 15 Sep 3pm [GMT+1] Greg Sutcliffe 9/14/16
Using HoundCI David Davis 9/14/16
cannot provision w/ foreman&katello Tom McKay 9/14/16
Changed default binding for "foreman start" Shlomi Zadok 9/14/16
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