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Updates: New vegan project, and online vegan store for Canada! thevictoriavegan 7/1/15
New: A Facebook Page! thevictoriavegan 10/16/14
Tue: Monthly Meeting, Wed: Potluck! thevictoriavegan 9/15/14
Monday: Carriage Demo (11am) thevictoriavegan 8/31/14
Today: Green Cuisine Fundraiser & Raffle! thevictoriavegan 6/28/14
Volunteers Still Needed for Vegan Fest on Tuesday! thevictoriavegan 6/27/14
Re: Call for Volunteers - Victoria Vegan Fest 2014 thevictoriavegan 6/24/14
Tonight: Silent Auction for the Vegan Fest! thevictoriavegan 6/20/14
Vic Vegan Fest *Silent Auction* - this Friday! thevictoriavegan 6/16/14
Carriage Accident: Please Write City Hall! ACTION NEEDED! thevictoriavegan 5/23/14
Blog updates: Brian Adams, Seals & Rodeo; Bake Sale & Oak Bay Deer thevictoriavegan 4/30/14
Bake sale: Saturday! 12-4pm thevictoriavegan 4/25/14
Vegan bake sale: this Saturday! thevictoriavegan 4/24/14
Vic Vegan Fest: Help Needed in Areas thevictoriavegan 4/15/14
Apr 23rd Movie: Ghosts in our Machine thevictoriavegan 4/10/14
Big Vegan Bake Sale: April 26th! thevictoriavegan 4/8/14
Demo today for deer, Friday as well! Dave Shishkoff 3/19/14
Fw: Another chance to help the deer: "Slow Down for Deer" Demo - this Friday! Dave Shishkoff 3/6/14
Victoria Vegan Fest 2014 - organizers needed! Dave Shishkoff 3/3/14
REMINDER: 2nd Deer Booklet Give-Out - People Needed This Weekend! Dave Shishkoff 2/28/14
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