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Welcome to the fo-dicom group on Google Groups. 

There is a complementary fo-dicom chat forum on Gitter. Please join the discussion at: https://gitter.im/fo-dicom/fo-dicom .

The base fork of fo-dicom is located at: https://github.com/fo-dicom/fo-dicom .
Sample applications using fo-dicom is available at: https://github.com/fo-dicom/fo-dicom-samples .

A wiki is available at: https://github.com/fo-dicom/fo-dicom/wiki .
To file an issue report: https://github.com/fo-dicom/fo-dicom/issues/new .
All contributions such as issue reports, wiki documentation updates and pull requests are of course very much appreciated.

fo-dicom releases are published on NuGet, https://www.nuget.org/packages?q=fo-dicom .

Before posting a question here, please search the forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

Happy fo-dicom:ing!

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C-FIND and Cyrillic charset. Семён Дунаев 1/17/17
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Can RenderImage return a Grayscale 8bppp image instead of 32bpp? Matias 12/19/16
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How to create a dcm file with video in ? (mpeg) Jordan 11/23/16
My Sample problem C-Get File not return Halit İNCE 11/22/16
Store SCP Fo-dicom Alejandro Acosta 11/18/16
Store-SCP example extended with CFind SCP N Jannink 11/17/16
The dicom file get green tinted after send to SCP Leo 11/8/16
Associaton reject PRINT SCU Jordan 11/3/16
Encapsulated PDF is not padded to an even number of bytes Chris 11/2/16
retrieving an image from a PACS server Alejandro Acosta 11/1/16
Fellow Oak Dicom secured communication support, DicomTlsCipherSuiteType and DicomTlsCertificateType Prashant Patole 10/28/16
No codec registered for tranfer syntax: JPEG Lossless, Non-Hierarchical, First-Order Prediction (Process 14 [Selection Value 1]) Alberto Sebastian 10/27/16
No codec registered for tranfer syntax: JPEG Lossless or No codec registered for tranfer syntax: JPEG 2000 Image Compression Alejandro Acosta 10/26/16
how to: a sequence inside a sequence, RDSR harald...@gmx.net 10/26/16
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