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May 25, 2015:

We are a group of developers and fo-dicom enthusiasts who are now picking up the development of this excellent DICOM toolkit from where the initial author Colby Dillion left off.

We have initiated a new organization on Github where we have located the new base fork of fo-dicomhttps://github.com/fo-dicom/fo-dicom 

All contributions such as issue reports, wiki documentation updates and pull requests are of course very much appreciated.

We have also initiated a chat forum on Gitter as a complement to this Google Group. Please join the discussion at: https://gitter.im/fo-dicom/fo-dicom .

New releases will be published on NuGet, https://www.nuget.org/packages/fo-dicom/ . Look out for the next release :-)

Happy fo-dicom:ing!

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