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Flyspray 1.0 (BETA) without composer? Max S 4/18/18
CI tool that links with Flyspray Arosha CreativeSoftware 4/9/18
Flyspray is on development yet? Gunther Vottela 4/6/18
Social Media Hooks for certain action like closing a ticket. Skyline Game Engine 4/6/18
how can I export flyspray setting and data from windows platform to linux 3/29/18
Task details not visible Xavier O'Neill 3/19/18
Delete Category Backend / Core? Heiko G 3/16/18
Impressed - Good work guys Liam Gibbins 3/3/18
Loosing XML tag on task creation p mllc 2/7/18
Dokuwiki IMG in the intro message alanmcd 2/4/18
Lang edit non well-formed array Francesco Giordano 2/1/18
Missing tooltip Francesco Giordano 2/1/18
toplevel (overview) as the main page Clément Bonhomme 1/31/18
Real world user Gunther Vottela 1/30/18
PHP Notice when updating task Karl Soulabaille 1/15/18
Hardcoded strings Francesco Giordano 1/9/18
xml-rpc in beta dev? Daniel Zelisko 12/30/17
DateTime Clément-Alain SAUBOIS 12/30/17
Hiding TAGS input field alanmcd 12/30/17
notice: crypt(): No salt parameter was specified and after Undefined variable: conf 12/30/17
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