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Where are useful features of firebug? Ste Sic 1/16/17
Suggestions for Firebug gaps to be closed by the DevTools Sebastian Zartner 1/15/17
Inspect Element Broken Matt Vincik 1/8/17
Firefox 50.1 not work firebug KingRider 1/5/17
Firefox 50 - Dev Tools - Console Persist logging - How can I activate this? Keith Bartman 1/5/17
Right click and copy Xpath has been removed in Firefox with firebug, is that intentional 1/5/17
So can I buy a hoodie now? :( John W 1/4/17
Firebug 2.0.18 Jan Honza Odvarko 1/2/17
Firebug and Stylish : Same CSS rules showing 2 or 3 time in CSS Panel decembre 12/29/16
Firebug hang on error about its internal script "url.js:381" decembre 12/29/16
Tracking down CSS rules San 12/22/16 Jan Honza Odvarko 12/20/16
No Javascript on this page Eric Dorothy 12/18/16
replacement for firephp (devtools) Erik Krause 12/18/16
Is there a way to save a har file for the entire session using the inbuilt firefox netmonitor devtools Arjun Talwar 12/18/16
Migration to 'Firefox devtools', and Firebug's status as 'no longer being developed' needs posting on Firebug landing pages Christopher James Francis Rodgers 12/17/16
What happened??? Glen Hong 12/17/16
Firebug and Yotube Transcripts John at Boulder Bridges, Ready to Work 12/10/16
ALL console logging (flog, console.log) is utterly broken Ian Sebryk 12/1/16
No Javascript on this page for Version 2.0.18 Mehul Gohel 12/1/16
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