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firebug 2.0.16 says it's "deactivated" why? chrisstrong69 4/4/16
Firebug 2.0.16 Jan Honza Odvarko 3/31/16
Firebug icon(2.0.15) not appearing in Firefox 35.0 vishal shetty 3/29/16
Firebug 2.0. toString methods David Gomez 3/29/16
Firebug 2.0.15 Jan Honza Odvarko 3/28/16
Firebug 3 Multi-line Concern Sheri 3/25/16
Firebug 2.0.15 fails in FF 30.0 TheDogpa 3/24/16
Firebug 2.0.12 Jan Honza Odvarko 3/22/16
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Unalbe to install firebug my firefox browser Venkatesh Kumar 3/21/16
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