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Firebug 2.0.18 deactivated Daniele Serena 9/11/17
firbug is not install on my laptop 9/1/17
Firebug not found when I install Firefox 55.0.2 Jorge Luis Callalle Torres 9/1/17
"ADD TO CHROME" button not working Oyee BSnu 8/14/17
Grid display toggle Melisa 8/7/17
Grid toggle Melisa 8/7/17
Grid overlay toggle Melisa 8/7/17
Firefox Developer Tools with JAWS and NVDA screen readers since Firebug is no longer developed? Walker, Michael E 7/30/17
Reunite developer ! For a new idea ! fake mask 7/13/17
Firebug is back in Firefox 53.0.3!? L 6/8/17
Console grouping, Scratchpad, Network panel questions San 5/25/17
Firefox ESR, Firebug support alecwho 5/23/17
Removing Firebug 5/19/17
Devtools cache settings labeled wrong? Erik Krause 5/16/17
Firebug 2+ Add-on Doesn't Show Error Info Meengla Yip 5/14/17
Firebug 3 (3.0.0 alpha 2) - Missing cookie panel Matthew Wain 5/8/17
Firebug console incredibly slow AntranigBasman 5/8/17
When the Firefox e10 is enabled, the HTML menu in Firebug disappears. Aleš Ulrych 5/4/17
Enable Javascript Debug Valentino Ricciardelli 4/24/17
Partial fix for Console colors San 4/24/17
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