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Tablet Computers Stuart E 7/30/15
The Genesis 3 update to Facegen Wallace L 6/25/15
Detail Textures Faces LeaKp 6/22/15
A gap in my 3D printed model Doc.Ivan 5/27/15
I am crashing every time I try to use Customizer to process a new set of TGAs for my custom meshes... Morris Olmsted 3/19/15
FaceGen Exporter to DAZ 4.6, default content path not found John Murphy 1/27/15
FaceGen Exporter fails when I try to export Crayden Arcand 12/17/14
the theory based a single image hyzha...@hotmail.com 12/17/14
orthogonality wrt to gender axis SO 11/26/14
Adding new cloths to the default Model Set Morris Olmsted 10/30/14
is there a way to obtain male-to female slider values? Rosanna 9/5/14
Can I use face images generated through evaluation copy in my research Parag Abhyankar 9/1/14
Parttime job for the programmer who is familar with FaceGen Full SDK Quaker 8/9/14
additional hairstyles Mike Stocke 7/31/14
Degrees of movement in eyes helen 7/15/14
face image changes when inported to 3dmax james kolinski 5/26/14
Hair pack james kolinski 5/26/14
FaceGen Modeller james kolinski 5/14/14
Problem with FaceGen Exporter DG Demo 1 Sai Kumar Dwivedi 5/13/14
Introduction into this group Peter Buchholz 4/24/14
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