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Hair pack james kolinski 5/26/14
FaceGen Modeller james kolinski 5/14/14
Problem with FaceGen Exporter DG Demo 1 Sai Kumar Dwivedi 5/13/14
Introduction into this group Peter Buchholz 4/24/14
Help needed Ethan Vos 3/31/14
How does the FaceGen caricaturing algorithm work? Anu 3/31/14
Does FaceGen create a new head model when using Photofit uma namasivayam 3/29/14
3 - point - lighting Peter Buchholz 3/28/14
Developing a GUI on top of FaceGen Anu 3/15/14
Creating natural looking faces in games like oblivion, dark souls, etc Mar 3/14/14
Exporting to Blender Jon 3/13/14
Evaluating Facegen for a project. Some questions first though. TJTAS 3/7/14
win 8 Jeff Tallman 1/7/14
Black eye line Kenny Lee 12/6/13
Can I use the models from facegen to do 3D printing? Rose Rose 11/26/13
How to add blendshapes into facegen Bernd Kusch 11/20/13
What are good workflows for converting Facegen blendshapes to a fbx with morph targets? Bernd Kusch 11/20/13
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