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making dummies with the pics only Rahul Rawat 10/15/13
Hooked nose and rounded nose tip Dicarts 10/7/13
Need exportating in vrml uft8 format. Is it possible? Julio Seijas 9/25/13
Introducing FaceGen Exporter for Daz Studio 4 FaceGen Guru 8/30/13
It's doesn't work that the solution you show on FAQ joseph Chen 8/1/13
Unable to find Daz Studio 4 default content library path nikhil kumar 8/1/13
How can it take only the face Fc Lin 7/20/13
facegen modeller 3.5 - internal Error Marek Medved 7/13/13
Which Face Model is the Face Modeler based on Ahmad 6/24/13
3D Printing a FaceGen file Face3D 6/6/13
How to save face? Peter Van Aken 5/29/13
Iclone/facegen head model for the customizer Sam Breeveld 5/28/13
Lip syncing FaceGen faces Frank Verberne 5/28/13
Ears? Fernando Ferro 5/11/13
I Really Have a Few Questions Before Purchase Tim Col 4/12/13
What phoneme set does FaceGen Use? Chris Harshman 4/8/13
M4 facegen customizer Tony 4/8/13
V4 Support... when??? Leopren 3/31/13
Happy Faces rkw 3/12/13
Do I need the modeler and re-distribution license, or just the re-distribution license? Aria Readman 2/4/13
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