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ext3grep $IMAGE --inode 2 --ls returns ERROR: dir_inode_to_block(5431300) returned -1. 74cmonty 1/20/14
Recover overwritten directory. swanmk 1/13/14
recover lost pdf files from mounted root directory quack.mutt 9/22/13
Error compiling with Make during basic install. Eitan Rosenfeld 5/7/13
HOWTO: Recover large (30GB+) file TheGPLOG 4/20/13
Restoring an inode replaced by a new copy. Christoph Burschka 3/27/13
Recovering modified file Maxxer 3/22/13
ext3grep no ia64 Gabriel Albuquerque 1/22/13
Re: [ext3grep] Digest for ext3...@googlegroups.com - 1 Message in 1 Topic John Eadie 12/8/12
Re: [ext3grep] Digest for ext3...@googlegroups.com - 1 Message in 1 Topic John Eadie 12/7/12
attempting recovery of a raid drive maeoll kim 12/6/12
Error: ext3grep.cc:119: void run_program(): Assertion `be2le(journal_super_block.s_header.h_magic) == 0xc03b3998U' failed MiroRovis 11/25/12
error in compiling - ostream_operators.cc:70:58: error: ‘const ext3_super_block’ has no member named ‘s_frags_per_group’ Neeraj Gupta 9/28/12
Does ext3 tag indirect blocks with REQ_META? Reza Salkhordeh 3/4/12
ext3grep failed...help me, tks! luojianqi 2/27/12
remove from list question Andrea Lanza 1/16/12
Trying to recover mysql files using ext3grep Jack Valenti 1/10/12
Truncate a 30 GB file, any chance of recovery? Ezequiel Garcia 12/16/11
using new version and got Segmentation fault Mehdi Alidoost 12/10/11
ext3grep: get_block.cc:37: unsigned char* get_block(int, unsigned char*): Assertion `device.good()' failed. Aborted (core dumped) efa 8/29/11
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