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Why does eureka-client store hostnames in the registry Andrew Spyker 6/20/14
Compatibility/Feasibility of running in an OpenStack environment Brian Ploetz 6/11/14
Netflix Eureka for Service Registry cum proxy 6/4/14
build problem Danny Liu 5/28/14
REST API - Instance not being marked as down or deregistered when no heartbeats sent Archimedes 5/22/14
start the server instance first time Danny Liu 5/21/14
Eureka cluster in weird state after dynamically disabling self preservation mode Panagiotis Partheniadis 5/6/14
Eureka versions missing from Maven Central Carl Quinn 4/22/14
Cloudbees' Eureka tests are indeterminate Benjamin Pollack 4/22/14
Replication inaccuracies TysonS 4/21/14
review for eureka tech 4/7/14
I'm not understanding why Eureka needs EIPs Benjamin Pollack 3/25/14
Is the ribbon client asynchronous when used with Eureka? 3/17/14
Eureka vs. Zookeeper 3/8/14
InstanceID same as HostName 2/24/14
Eureka thread failed to stop, memory leak errors Jamie 2/24/14
metadata configuration in property file not working 2/17/14 Ravi Prakash 2/12/14
Failed to bootstrap eureka instance Junwei Wang 2/3/14
Secure communication (HTTPS/SSL) to Eureka 1/29/14
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