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International Barefoot Running Day bfRunner 4/27/15
How do you fuel on long runs? Heather 4/25/15
This year's goals? Heather 4/1/15
Worst injury? Heather 3/18/15
Anticipation... Heather 3/4/15
Decision time Heather 1/29/15
Fwd: Bemus Point 5,10,15 Race Series robert rappole 1/23/15
Walk or run water stops? Heather 1/20/15
Ramanagara Marathon - An Awareness Run vijay MR 1/11/15
What's to love about it? Heather 1/8/15
Runner's Wish list Heather 12/3/14
What are you thankful for ? Heather 11/26/14
What candy is worth running for? Heather 10/31/14
best advice you've received Heather 10/23/14
Re: [Erie Runners Club] Sad News ............................................Mead Jamie ttrunner 10/15/14
How to stick with running? Heather 10/10/14
Tell me about your first 26.2 Heather 9/12/14
Re: [Erie Runners Club] Digest for - 3 updates in 1 topic R Kulesza 9/2/14
Rave runs (other than PISP) Heather 8/27/14
dream running destination? Heather 8/21/14
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