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ePortfolio Month: May 2011
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e-Portfolio Video Case Studies now available! Coach Carole 10/8/12
Eportfolios Forum - September 2012 Coach Carole 8/28/12
Eportfolios in Focus: May Webinars Coach Carole 5/13/12
E-portfolio Research for AAEEBL Coach Carole 5/13/12
Eportfolios in Focus: Australia Coach Carole 4/3/12
AAEEBL Coach Carole 4/3/12
ePortfolios Australia Conference 2012 – call for presentation proposals Coach Carole 3/1/12
Exploring ePortfolio Technologies Coach Carole 2/20/12
The AAEEBL Learner for February 2012 Coach Carole 2/19/12
Badges: What Impact Will they have on ePortfolios? Coach Carole 2/19/12
AAEEBL Coach Carole 2/12/12
Save the date – ePortfolios Australia Conference is back in 2012! by eportfoliosaustralia Coach Carole 2/12/12
Call for Papers: "ePortfolios as a Catalyst for Connections: Celebrating the Curious, Creative and Capable Learner" Coach Carole 11/15/11
An eportfolio is not a tool Coach Carole 11/15/11
FINAL EPCOP WEBINAR FOR 2011 Coach Carole 11/8/11
International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP), Coach Carole 10/12/11
... final weeks of the epcop mooc ... is it an ending or a new beginning? Coach Carole 9/20/11
Just in from AAEEBL Coach Carole 9/20/11
Here's an opportunity for the Mahara practitioners Coach Carole 9/13/11
Exploring ePortfolio Technologies Webinar Series Starts WED SEPT. 14 - Hosted by AAEEBL, EPAC, and ePortfolio California - FREE Coach Carole 9/4/11
Its been 4 weeks since the MOOC began! Coach Carole 8/31/11
First week of the MOOC and what a week it was! Coach Carole 8/5/11
EpCoP MOOC - register now, places filling up, over 100 participants Coach Carole 7/27/11
Eportfolio month: May webinars Coach Carole 5/23/11
Eportfolio Conferences 2011 Coach Carole 2/15/11
New look to Google groups Coach Carole 12/10/10
e-portfolio and "open" reflection Sarah Stewart 3/29/13
Pebblepad feedback Coach Carole 3/21/13
Would you be interested in an alternative ePortfolios event in late September in Sydney? - short survey - http://bit.ly/Pz7gxv Allison Miller 7/26/12
Eportfolios Program (Mahara Training) Allison Miller 7/21/12
E-portfolios and nurses (and health professionals) Sarah Stewart 6/27/12
Allison Miller 11/23/11
Receiving credit for learning using OpenCourseWare through the use of an e-portfolio of their work Allison Miller 11/22/11
Call for Applications: Cohort VII of the Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research Allison Miller 11/16/11
Just in from EPAC (2) Coach Carole 10/24/11
Just in from EPAC (1) Coach Carole 10/24/11
ePortfolios Australia Conference 2011 - Main presenters are being live streamed via internet Allison Miller 10/18/11
EPAC London Conference July 2012 Coach Carole 10/8/11
Mightybell actions Coach Carole 9/26/11
AAEEBL ePortfolio (September) Showcase Allison Miller 9/21/11
Other E-portfolio Community of Practice?? Allison Miller 8/8/11
Open blog for Writing a Literature Review Sandra 8/6/11
What will I gain by joining this community of practice? Coach Carole 7/18/11
EpCoPers meetup: Perth October 2011 Coach Carole 7/18/11
Latest News from Allison Miller, Eportfolio Business Manager Coach Carole 6/29/11
VET E-portfolio Roadmap Key Outputs Survey - your input is being sought: Allison Miller 6/29/11
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