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Add initialization sql files to helm mysql externally Kavindu Gimhan Zoysa 5/20/18
Does helm support xpath? Kavindu Gimhan Zoysa 5/15/18
Caching candidates in Helm functions Tianxiang Xiong 4/7/18
Dir-local variables and Helm sources Tianxiang Xiong 3/20/18
Is there any way to customize helm prompt? Wang Kai 3/18/18
Getting `helm-source-grep` to respect `.gitignore`, `.hgignore`, etc. Tianxiang Xiong 12/9/17
Standard way to programmatically send events to a helm session? rsw...@gmail.com 12/8/17
write-file to a directory in helm-mode Julien Cubizolles 11/24/17
Emacs will not start after attempting to setup helm/async packages SunilM 10/11/17
Grep pulsar...@posteo.net 9/27/17
"modeless helm", to enable commands like next/previous-error Sameer Sahasrabuddhe 9/21/17
helm-org-agenda-files-headings and bulk actions in agenda mode Julien Cubizolles 8/5/17
test Pietro 6/27/17
Candidate transformer and volatile Tianxiang Xiong 6/18/17
Make `.` and `..` always be at top Amos Bird 6/2/17
How to make M-<backspace> delete word instead of killing in helm Amos Bird 6/2/17
How to select not first alternative in helm-M-x Rodrigo Valin 5/21/17
wrong-type-argument characterp when trying to use completing read with list of lists Lee Hinman 4/25/17
helm-mini with helm-find-files candidates from defined locations theldoria 4/24/17
Helm search flexibility question kalasa...@gmail.com 4/5/17
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