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Switching to previous buffer Vivien 9/3/15
dropping to regular find-files Eric Abrahamsen 9/3/15
helm-etags-select stopped working after updating helm Marc Belmont 9/2/15
helm face depending on file extension Fabian Braennstroem 9/1/15
Could it be possible to display Helm in an adjacent window? Rene Froger 9/1/15
really let me see all hidden buffers? Eric Abrahamsen 8/31/15
making helm-mark-ring jump didier deshommes 8/29/15
put modeline above helm header Fabian Braennstroem 8/24/15
grep all the files in the current Git repo: problem canceling Ted Zlatanov 8/17/15
order helm result as frequency of usage Peng Li 8/15/15
Value as variable is void: it Florian Lindner 8/14/15
helm mini buffer messed up chm...@gmail.com 8/13/15
Bug in helm-mini? Petey 7/19/15
Order of entries Florian Lindner 7/6/15
How to change default action? Titus von der Malsburg 6/21/15
Insertion problem with helm-show-kill-ring Sebastien Vauban 6/19/15
Multiple strings highlighted? Sebastien Vauban 6/12/15
Face for directory part of paths Sebastien Vauban 6/12/15
Show path in helm-recentf Michael Abrahams 6/12/15
(require 'helm-config) in helm sources? Titus von der Malsburg 6/11/15
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