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Question about matching Titus von der Malsburg 4/9/14
A helm source for searching entries in BibTeX files Titus von der Malsburg 4/7/14
Changing keybindings kovan 4/3/14
Feature request for Helm-org-headline Sebastien Vauban 3/24/14
helm-mode and minibuffer-complete-word pp611 3/20/14
helm and org-mode tags mak 3/12/14
helm-eshell-history face for inserted command Jean-Christophe Petkovich 3/7/14
Can helm-occur go back to the state you left it when you execute it again, like helm-resume??? CodyChan 2/24/14
Prefix arg ignored in helm-M-x? fi nurr 2/22/14
helm-mini doesn't see recentf files Ted Zlatanov 2/19/14
helm-do-grep specification. Works in the shell, but not in helm? Josh 2/14/14
Problems using 'helm-do-grep' Dieter Heyer 2/13/14
Problems using helm-package Dieter Heyer 2/9/14
Adjusting helm-do-grep for org mode browsing Samuel Schaumburg 2/9/14
Running helm-occur across *all* buffers. How? Josh 2/8/14
helm-find-files not allow me to create new files! Jorge Araya Navarro 2/2/14
Making google suggest even more useful Tom 1/15/14
option to show key bindings for commands/actions? David Rees 1/11/14
how to search file content in current (and under current) directory pan slavenism 1/9/14
Opening dired on helm item's directory? Rotem 1/7/14
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