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Welcome to Elm Discuss! This list exists to discuss anything Elm related, from beginner questions to compiler design.

Please be respectful to everyone! You have something to learn from all posters, so be kind and try to understand and learn from everyone's viewpoint.

Also, keep an eye out for the XY problem which can be really common when learning a new language!

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How to write function that updates arbitrary element of a record Brian Marick 2:48 PM
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How to model a transient state? Jacky See 2:36 PM
elm-testable versus testing a lower-level function Andrew Bruce 2:25 PM
Proposal: rename foldl til foldLeft and foldr to foldRight Robin Heggelund Hansen 2:21 PM
Structure for large Elm apps clouddie 2:15 PM
Metalinguistic abstractions over databases Peter Damoc 2:04 PM
Demo project that fails Google Closure Advanced Optimizations Robin Heggelund Hansen 1:21 PM
React for Elm programmers Thomas Ballinger 9:23 AM
ports and reserved words Craig Bilner 8:20 AM
why no more primes on 0.18 ? mbr 7:28 AM
Do the same with ELM? António Ramos 7:25 AM
Re-position element once its dimension is known Jacky See 6:50 AM
JSComp with elm António Ramos 4:45 AM
Atom Editor Race Condition (elm-format on save) Duane Johnson 3:17 AM
Why aren't doc PRs merged? Eric Thomas 2:47 AM
How to test the complete update cycle Austin Bingham 1:46 AM
hacktoberfest? Gage Peterson 10/19/16
OT: Elm Style formatting for other languages? John Orford 10/19/16
Generating a batched Cmd of more than one msg from Task.perform Austin Bingham 10/19/16
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