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Welcome to Elm Discuss! This list exists to discuss anything Elm related, from beginner questions to compiler design.

Please be respectful to everyone! You have something to learn from all posters, so be kind and try to understand and learn from everyone's viewpoint.

Also, keep an eye out for the XY problem which can be really common when learning a new language!

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New guidelines for posting on Elm-discuss Noah Hall 5/7/17
keypress events interfering with editor update Dave Doty 3:34 PM
Keybase elmlang team Dustin Farris 11:08 AM
[announcement] new package for pointer events in elm Matthieu Pizenberg 10/17/17
Elm Case Studies Zachary Kessin 10/16/17
Debouncing, throttling, exponential backoff, relating effects to time - valid use of effect manager? Henry 10/13/17
Higher-order functions with a function using an extensible record? Rémi Lefèvre 10/11/17
Elm feasibility for large, complex desktop browser application with dependencies on many newer web APIs Gareth Ari Aye 10/11/17
Easy way to set up a caching proxy for github to make elm-install run faster? Rupert Smith 10/11/17
Issues with drag & drop (also reproducible in drag example on elm website) Jan Hrček 10/4/17
Hiring Elm developers at Prezi Laszlo Pandy 10/4/17
WebRTC and Elm Mitch Spradlin 10/4/17
Drawing Directed Graphs (?) in Elm Michael Jones 10/3/17
elm-outdated Fedor Nezhivoi 10/2/17
Proposal: move Random.Extra.constant to Random Francesco Orsenigo 9/27/17
Using equally named modules from different packages Pi 9/23/17
Testing at @elmconf Brian Marick 9/22/17
Elm Logo vs Dynegy Logo David Zwerdling 9/15/17
On Intl/CLDR Vlad GURDIGA 9/13/17
Elm Language Server - Document and repository to coordinate and capture requirements effort Håkon Rossebø 9/12/17
Strange compiler error - cannot find a field that is obviously there. Rupert Smith 9/11/17
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